Danish company seeks commercial agency agreements with IT and tech companies and consultancies for their IT outsourcing and outstaffing programme

A Danish company, with a production office in Cairo, runs a staffing service to help companies recruit teams for IT creation and maintenance. The company works with a network of tech savvy agents around Europe, and is now looking to recruit new commercial agents to expand its successful business model to other countries, ideally independent companies/consultants which help other companies solve IT problems and challenges.
The Danish company was established in 2014, and has since its foundation had strong capabilities within human resources, in terms of recruitment and human resource management. The company has many years of experience with IT outsourcing to destinations like Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Eastern Europe and, last but not least, Egypt where its production office is located in Cairo. The company knows the challenges facing European businesses making IT development function well and creating scalable business models. Altogether, this experience has given the company the prerequisites for creating what it considers to be a high-quality IT outsourcing concept for European companies. The team in Cairo is capable of working with core code in different variations as well as a wide range of software applications. In order to expand its operation, the company is currently looking for new commercial agency agreements with companies/consultants operating in IT businesses who can represent the company when engaging with their respective markets. The partner should have: - Experience in outsourcing IT development. - A number of interesting clients who are already buying services or products. - A large, relevant network to benefit from in order to create sales for the Danish company. - An overall understanding of staffing and maximisation of benefits via using external contractors.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is currently looking to recruit agents who will represent the company when engaging with their respective markets. It is preferable that the potential partner to the Danish company has knowledge within one or more of the following areas: IT development, IT outstaffing, IT offshore, IT nearshore. Furthermore, an existing network within the software industry is seen as a clear advantage.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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