Danish company seeks European distributors for its supply of fresh and frozen fish

The Danish company is a spin-off of a family owned fishery from the Faroe Islands. The business supplies fresh or frozen fish, in either a pre-processed or processed form directly from their own factory in the Faroe Islands, or via their network of trusted partners. The fish has full traceability from catch to delivery and the company is flexible to meet the need of their customers. The Danish company is currently searching for a partner under a distribution services agreement
The Danish company has its own processing facility in the Faroe Islands in order to optimise quality and freshness of their product. With its own fishing fleet, a yearly supply of 3000 metric tonnes is available. Main fish species include cod, saithe, haddock, monkfish, plaice, lemon sole, mackerel, herring, salmon, silver smelt and others on request. Certain fish are certified with marine stewardship council (MSC) certification, to ensure sustainable fishing. All fish can be provided as either fresh or frozen, and upon special interest, the fish can also be provided as processed and package ready for end-customer sale. The fishing vessels are only a few days on open sea, as the company has invested in refrigerated sea water tanks, a modern piece of equipment to ensure maximum quality and freshness. On top of this, the company participates in a strong logistic platform to the European mainland, which enable fast-paced weekly deliveries to main locations in Europe. What differentiates the company from its competitors is a strong focus on minimising carbon footprint in its supply chain. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on minimising handling and transport by delivering directly to their business clients. The company is looking to build long-term customer partnerships, that are based on trust and transparency. They are looking for distribution partners operating as wholesalers, or partners with direct contact to hotels, restaurants, catering (HoReCa), food service, retail chains or cruise lines.
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The Danish company is looking for partnerships with companies who are in need of fresh or frozen fish, in either a pre-processed or processed form. This includes distributors and wholesalers, working with industrial fish processors, retail chains, hotels, restaurants, catering and other food services companies.
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