Danish manufacturer of exclusive and high profiled Scandinavian designed sanitisers seeks distributors

A Danish company with over thirty years of production experience, has designed and manufactured high-end, aesthetical and functional sanitisers for alcohol and gel. The company is looking for distributors throughout the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway.
For more than 30 years the Danish company has developed and manufactured coin processing equipment for bank branches worldwide. The company has evolved to be one of the absolute leading companies within this field with over 75 dealers in more than 50 countries. The products have always been differentiated through aesthetic design, reliability, durability and accuracy. These values have been passed on to a new business venture created in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has designed alcohol and gel sanitisers which combine Scandinavian minimalism and quality, combined with high functionality and ease-of-use. Produced in stainless steel, the sanitisers have a timeless design, which allows them to fit into modern offices, stores and restaurants, being an integrated part of the reception area or lobby without spoiling the appearance. The sanitisers are designed to be convenient, easy to keep clean, use an easily replaceable 5 litre canister, and can be run off both battery or mains power. The sanitisers not only contribute to reducing the spread of infection, and avoid spreading germs, bacteria and viruses, but can also show that customer welfare is important. The company is actively looking to find new distributors across Europe, including the EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway. Their business case is flexible and while they prefer a distribution services agreement, they are open to other arrangements as well, including hiring or leasing the sanitisers and also direct sale of fluids.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Danish SME is looking for distributors across the EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway. It is important that the distributor understands and has knowledge of selling high-quality and profiled designer goods to the B2B market and to the target groups. The ideal dealer has experience in selling designer goods such as furniture or office equipment to companies and institutions and is willing to invest resources and marketing efforts in this venture. The sanitiser must be marketed in a geographical area only – not through international market platforms such as Amazon and Pinterest etc. The primary target groups include real estate brokers, opticians, luxury clothing shops, malls, solicitors, accountants, insurance companies, banks and credit institutions, car dealers, hotels and resorts, libraries, company HQs, public buildings and offices, museums, galleries, dentists, doctors and medical specialists, VIP gyms and training centres, and so on. A secondary target group includes architects, designers and interior designers who design or influence the appearance of a building, and facility management service providers.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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