Danish manufacturing company specialised in equipment for fire & rescue and defence seeks agents and distributors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

A Danish company developing and manufacturing advanced and compact transportation equipment to relieve fire & rescue personnel seeks agents and distributors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands. The aim of the company is to improve the physical work environment for firefighters, reducing the physical burden on people who lift and transport heavy loads in their work including mobile or submergible pumps and auxiliary equipment.
The Danish company initiated in 2014 the development of their current products by observing the many unnecessary pulls, pushes and lifts among employees in the manufacturing industry, which led to a poor working environment and many injuries among staff. At an early stage the company decided to focus on the large number of areas within fire & rescue where there are many physically stressful actions with heavy loads on arms, shoulders, neck and back. The outcome of this focused development has been professional equipment relieving firefighters of damaging manual handling. At the same time the equipment also allows the firefighting process to be speeded up reducing time spent. The first products were launched in 2016. The need for solutions that minimise unnecessary lifting and pulling has been sharply increasing during recent years and in 2019 the largest emergency preparedness organisation in Denmark with more than 1000 employees installed the equipment in a large number of emergency vehicles, as part of a comprehensive improvement of the work environment during rescue operations, as well as to clean-up and prepare for the subsequent operations. The main product offered consists of a compact trolley with electrified drive and lifting facilities, as well as associated equipment that makes it easy and efficient to equip new or existing emergency vehicles so that they live up to the requirements of a good working environment. In 2021 the latest version of the offered trolley has been introduced in the marketplace. This version can be mounted on the back of a rescue vehicle saving space inside the car, so can be easily retro-fitted to existing vehicles. The updated trolley is mounted on a lift rail and can be lowered from the vehicle in less than two seconds. Within a few seconds it can be equipped with hose reels, tools or other gear. The company was shortlisted for the Danish Design Awards in 2021 in the category “Better Work” where candidates are assessed on four criteria: economic impact, understanding of user needs, whether it is innovative and can create value and inspiration for others as well as the quality of the craft and design. Danish Design Awards is run by Design Denmark which is an alliance of designers, design thinkers and design businesses, working to promote design in business and society. Since 2021 the company is an official member of CTIF International Association of Fire and Rescue – a world wide organisation working for firefighters safety since the year 1900. In order to expand to new markets, the company is looking for commercial agents and distributors, selling technical and / or safety equipment to firefighting and defence services, where heavy movement and use of heavy equipment must be done with speed.
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The company seeks distributors or agents able to sell, install and provide after sales services to customers like: a) Fire stations b) Other public or private emergency preparedness organisations c) Military and defence organisations operating rescue vehicles The partner should be technically sound and capable of providing sufficient support and service to customer organisations. Partners are likely to have their own service workshop and employees with specialist competencies within rebuilding and / or construction of special vehicles to the mentioned or similar customer groups.
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