Danish producer of bedding for farm animals seeks distributors

A Danish company, specialised in making bedding for farm animals, has a range of products made from 100% rapeseed straw, with added zeolite, suitable for pigs, poultry, cattle, horses, sheep and goats. In order to continue their expansion, they are looking for distributors across Europe.
Founded in the late 80s, the company from Jutland, Denmark, has developed a range of animal bedding, based on 100% rapeseed straw, with added zeolite, which offers a number of advantages over other market products, including being non-toxic and non-allergenic, and produced with respect to the climate. All their production is free of genetically modified organisms (GMO-free) and their products are approved by leading Danish pig breeding associations. Their product range is adapted to different animals, and they have special ranges for each of: - Pigs - Poultry - Cows and calves - Horses, sheep and goats The company has also recently developed and launched special feed for pigs, offering a different amino acid profile and designed to prevent stomach ulcers in young pigs. The product was developed in close cooperation with the Danish Pig Research Centre and was awarded a two-star prize from the Agromek Trade Fair in 2021. The company sells their products in Denmark and Norway already, but is looking to expand to new markets and wishes to find partners in Europe in the agricultural sector, with experience of selling products to primary producers within animal husbandry, under a distribution services agreement.
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The ideal partner would be a distributor with experience over several years of selling directly to primary producers in the animal husbandry sector. This would normally also include having sufficient storage capacity, and own fleet of transport.
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