Danish rehabilitation and handicap aid manufacturer seeks distributors

A well-established Danish company within rehabilitation and handicap aid activity products is looking for distributors within parasports, sports for physiotherapists, rehab centers, senior sports, and care homes in selected target markets worldwide. A local distribution partner must purchase and keep stock, select the right customers, promote and distribute the products, as well as take part in regular feedback sessions to develop the market and new products.
The Danish company is a 32-year-old company within the field of parasports/adapted sports, sport and games for the visually impaired, sports for physiotherapies and rehab centres, including school sports, senior sports, and care home activities. The company is based in Denmark, and the products are of Danish and EU origin. The company is a "first mover" within disability and senior sports and has a unique range of high-quality niche products, that will not be found elsewhere. The company is continuously developing and improving its product, has been a supplier for the Paralympic Games since the beginning, and has been chosen as a supplier for Tokyo 2020. The company is known for both high-quality equipment and high customer service. The Danish company is the leading manufacturer of equipment for Paralympic boccia, blind football, and petanque balls. In addition, the Danish company offers the world's largest range of audible balls and sports masks for the visually impaired. Finally, the company offers high-quality sports- and activity equipment for care homes, disability centres, special schools, senior sports centres, etc. The products are of high quality that can be used indoors for disabled and care home residents as well as outdoors. The basic concept is to make adapted products with fine sensory qualities, high-performance qualities, including high durability and safety. Today, the Danish company operates globally and has resellers in four continents: Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. They are looking for partners around the world in the selected target markets. The business model with local resellers is based on a distribution agreement. The local partners order the products they decide to promote, and they keep a stock, small or large, locally. The partner is responsible for marketing and sale and would be free to decide the sales price. The Danish company offers professional product photos, brochure material, etc. The partner must participate in frequent communication with the Danish company and is expected to provide a progress report twice a year about trends and challenges in the local market. Based on the report, the ongoing collaboration will be assessed and discussed for further improvement, if necessary. The company typically operates with commercial companies, but disability organisations or charities are also relevant cooperation partners. The expected output for a distribution agreement is around €10,000 the first year and is expected to grow depending on the market, the type of customers, and the local partner.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for distribution partners within: - Distributors/resellers with experience of selling to care homes, rehabilitation and physio, paralympic sports, senior sports, visually impaired and/or school sports, and pre-schools. - Distributors/resellers conducting direct sales to their portfolio of customers in the market - Suppliers of sports goods and games; Suppliers of aids for people with disabilities; Suppliers of equipment for care homes, rehabilitation centres, and hospitals. - Disability organisations selling to their members, e.g. cerebral palsy organisations, wheelchair organisations, disability sports organisations, visually impaired organisations, etc. - Charity organisations - working for a suitable cause for people with disabilities. Any size of local partner is acceptable, from a smaller one-person company to a large company. It is important that the partner already has some knowledge about the market and the customer segments. It is preferred that the partner can communicate in English, German, French, or one of the Scandinavian languages. The Danish company will offer detailed information about the products and will advise about the different customer groups. Communication with the partner may take place by e-mail, newsletters, phone, or through virtual meetings. The Danish company will make it possible for the cooperation partner to get access to product photos, brochure material, and promotion films. The partner must provide sales, distribution, after-sales service to the market. The Danish company will be able to assist to a certain degree with complicated questions and requests. The partner is expected to take part in open communication and to provide knowledge about the market trends and local customers to the Danish company. This way, the local partner contributes to develop the product line for the local market.
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