Danish SME with traceability software system offers license agreements

A young Danish company has worked for many years to reduce food waste, and has recently developed a traceability and climate impact algorithm, which can help agri-food companies be more transparent and sustainable. In order to continue their expansion, they are looking for commercial agents working closely with the food value chain who can represent their product, or alternatively contacts to IT resellers under a license agreement.
Established in 2018, the Danish company has developed a number of key products and services with the aim of reducing waste within the entire agri-food value chain. One of their products is a blockchain-based traceability and climate impact analysis algorithm, which can help companies from the agro-food sector understand and reduce their carbon footprint, save money and reduce food waste, and engage with consumers to increase brand loyalty. Their traceability software is built on a private blockchain, which creates a digital ledger, able to track products through the supply chain every time a data record is made in the system. The data is immutable, which makes blockchain transactions secure and trusted. The first step of the collaboration is to understand the client's supply chain and to build data pipelines to track products' movement, which allows the climate impact algorithm to calculate the impact of every single batch. The company uses an app to collect information, which records the movement of inventory. The result is a verifiable analysis that informs companies of the efficiency of their supply chain, their carbon footprint, and points to where inefficiencies or food waste happens. All this information is available on a dashboard, which the company can use to improve processes, for reporting purposes, and to become more transparent, as the information can be shared with relevant stakeholders and customers. Ideal partners would be commercial agents operating at several levels in the food industry, including farms and primary production, food processing, ingredients manufacturers etc. representing the software product in a given geographical area. Alternatively, the company is interested in IT resellers, who work with the food value chain, offering the product under a license agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is open to several different commercial agreements. One option is for a commercial agent, working within the overall food value chain, from agriculture to food processing - although the later is probably more likely, who can introduce their product and represent their business towards relevant companies in their catchment area. A second option would be IT companies which have built up expertise and experience in selling within the Farm to Fork value chain, looking for a new product to sell under a license agreement.
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