Danish supplier of green roofs seeks supplier of trays in both plastic and sustainable plastic-free materials

A Danish company, which has been supplying and installing green roofs for more than 10 years, is looking for a new supplier for specific plastic trays. The company's product is an extra layer, laid on existing roofs, with grass and other vegetation, which contributes positively to biodiversity and contributes to reduction of climate change.
The Danish company has been supplying and installing green roofs for the professional and private market for over 10 years. The product itself is a climate friendly addition to the roof, where both professionals and private customers can benefit from the green vegetation. The green roofs are eco-friendly and provide also benefits from an economic perspective. For private housing it has been shown from research from the National Council Canada that a comprehensive green roof reduced the daily need for air conditioning in the summer by over 75%. All projects are based on vegetation rolls which are purchased from an external supplier laid on a level of permeable trays or blankets to allow drainage. Through over 10 years of specialising in green roofs, the company has established itself as a main supplier in the Danish market and the go-to company for customers and architects who require technical assistance. To expand its operations, the company has commenced production of vegetation blankets at a new location, which will increase the possibilities for improved logistics and export. The company also recognises a growing trend for the use of vegetation trays instead of blankets and underlying layers. These are often used by the roofing companies who install themselves as they feel it simplifies the installation process. The company is now looking to expand its operations and is therefore searching for a supplier of both plastic and sustainable plastic-free trays to their own specifications.
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The company is looking for a supplier of both plastic and sustainable plastic-free trays which can be used in the production of vegetation trays. It is not necessary for the supplier to supply both types of trays. The specifications of the trays are as follows: Length: 58 - 60cm Width: 38 - 40cm Total height: 5 – 6cm Please see more information of the sought product under Technical Specification or Expertise Sought.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The bottom of the trays needs to be both profiled (similar to egg boxes) and perforated. The height of the profile needs to be approximately 2 cm, so the remaining sides are to be 3 - 4 cm. The attached pictures illustrate how the profile in the bottom of the tray may look . Please note that even though the object in the picture is made of plastic, the specifications also apply to the plastic-free tray. The orders would be on a regular basis. The first order will be around 15 - 20,000 pieces. Subsequent orders may be equal to or above this number. There is a need for a permanent supplier who must be able to deliver the trays as the need arises and with the same quality.
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