Digital therapy planning for predictive cancer treatment

A Hungarian SME have been developing a medical software system designed to help selecting the most suitable targeted therapies based on molecular genetic alterations in cancer. The tool facilitates physicians’ work to select personalized and effective therapies for cancer patients. The company is looking for private hospitals, health centres with precision oncology wards, precision oncology related molecular diagnostic labs for commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement.
The oncology software developed by the Hungarian start-up company provides artificial intelligence (AI) based digital therapy planning. It facilitates the selection of the most suitable and efficient targeted treatment by organizing and weighting scientific evidence in a predictive way. With the help of molecular diagnostics, the company establishes a detailed molecular profile (comprehensive diagnostic panels) and determines the molecular point of attack for targeted therapies. Then recommends the comprehensive molecular profile tests to oncologists. During therapy planning supported by digital devices, the medical team reviews and captures the patient’s medical history and enters the results of the molecular diagnostic tests of the patient’s tumor into this online decision support system. If these tests are not available or are proven to be insufficient, the necessary molecular diagnostic tests will be performed. The results are analyzed by the molecular biologists or info-bionic experts using the oncology software. The results of the analysis will be discussed at an online video conference by a special board of experts, called the virtual molecular tumor board (VMTB) – consisting of oncologists, molecular biologists and geneticists. In accordance with the recommendation of the experts or upon the request of the treating physician, the treating physician may also participate in the expert meeting. Based on the VMTB’s recommendation, a patient-specific digital therapy plan is created, which is used by the treating physician for the therapeutic decision. It has been developed for oncologists, publicly and privately funded oncology institutions and insurance companies. The company is looking for partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance to support the transfer of the technology with the provision of additional support services. It is also open to have a licence agreement with licensee partners.
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- Type of partner sought: (Precision) oncologists with private practice, private institutes, private hospitals, and health centres with oncology wards, (precision) oncology related molecular diagnostic labs and centres that apply NGS [new generation sequencing] solutions, national/private health insurance companies, ministries of health. - Specific area of activity of the partner: (precision) oncology - Task to be performed: Oncologist: mutual referral of patients, hospitals, health centres: integrating company’s system into their process of treating oncology patients under licence agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance. Health insurance companies, ministries of health: let the company introduce itself and justify the financial benefit behind the company’s solution. Type of agreement: Commercial agreement with technical assistance or licence agreement.
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