Distribution, joint venture or license agreement for innovative sapling picker offered to partners in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary

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A Czech university has developed an innovative multipurpose machine for the picking up and planting of saplings. This high-performance and flexible machine can pick up the saplings in forest cover and plant them in clear-cut forests without damaging the roots. The university is looking for partners in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary to cooperate under a distribution services agreement, joint venture agreement or license agreement.
The university in Brno is one of the major university teaching institutions in the Czech Republic, concentrating on research and academic activities. One of the areas of research is dedicated to forestry. The university is experiences in international cooperation on various international projects. The research team of the university developed a new prototype of multipurpose machine. The machine penetrates horizontally into the soil by pressure and rotational movements, and thus allows the picking up of sapling up to 250 cm high with a large hemispherical root ball (diameter 80 cm, depth 40 - 50 cm). The same technology is used to prepare a place for planting of harvested overgrowths of woody plants. The advantage of this pick-up is that with its small dimensions and weight (approx. 750 kg) it allows to gently pick up a growth from overgrowth trees with a sufficient root ball even from hard-to-reach terrain. The advantage of planting picked up tree growths is time and cost savings. Use of an already grown small tree. The carried machine is a universal tractor with the possibility of turning the driver's seat. The prototype of the pick-up is mounted on the rear support arms of the tractor with a connection to the hydraulic circuit. The university is interested in expanding its international sales and winning new clients. That's why it is looking for distributors, partners for joint venture or licensees. It offers the distribution of the machine. Furthermore it is looking for a partner to create a joint venture for a common production of this tool. Interested licensees can produce and distribute the machine in their area. For all these cooperation forms long-term agreements are aimed. Exclusive or non-exclusive agreements are possible. The target countries are Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The tool offered would be suitable for forest owners or forestry contractors in the mentioned countries.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SME, large companies, forest owners or forestry contractors Role: The distribution services agreement - distributors operating in forestry sector. Partners role is to buy and sell the products on its own markets using its own distribution channels. The joint-venture agreement - the partner should pool and share resources to establish a joint venture. As a licensee a potential partner could produce and sell a product selection. Good contacts to persons and companies active in forestry are welcome. The potential partner should have know-how in public procurement regulations and practices as well as in product certification and requested product standards in the target market.
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Available for demonstration
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Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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