Distributors sought by a Chinese studio for cooperation on artistic porcelain panel paintings via distribution agreement

Founded in 2017, the Chinese company also serves as the personal studio of famous Chinese porcelain plate painting artists, providing customized arts and crafts creation services. It has developed ultra-thin porcelain plate paintings with innovative glaze color technology and of more than 300 kinds glaze colors. The company is now offering the opportunity of partnership through distribution agreement with potential foreign distributors on its artistic porcelain panel painting products.
The Chinese company was founded in 2017. It is also the personal studio of several famous Chinese porcelain plate painting artists, who already have plenty of years of experience in offering customized arts and crafts creation services. After nearly 20 years of research and development, the artists have developed nearly 300 innovative glaze ingredients and firing methods on the basis of ceramic plate coating technology, with which rare large works of specifications of 2m×1m ×3mm could be produced. This kind of porcelain plate painting is a kind of plane ceramic painting handicraft, with plain white porcelain plate with special pigments glazed and fired at high temperatures. It inherits the essence of painting, and is compatible with the characteristics of the porcelain art. It can not only show realistic effects of photography and classical oil paintings, but can also display the artistic atmosphere of various styles of paintings. It is an ingenious combination of the painting art and the porcelain art. There are many kinds of colors, a wide range of pattern selections and various shapes. The company has produced large-scale porcelain plate paintings and murals for many large-scale public art projects in China. It can customize porcelain plate paintings of various styles and sizes according to customer needs. The company is seeking for foreign partners to cooperate on its artistic porcelain panel paintings through distribution agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The ideal partners that the Chinese company is seeking for include those home furnishing product importers and dealers with mature sales networks and certain understandings of the artwork market. The confirmed partner will exercise the distribution rights of the Chinese company's porcelain panel painting products under an agreement of this kind.
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