Dutch company, specialist in renovation and maintenance of real estate seeks solutions for construction on-site noise reduction.

A Dutch company is active in the building sector and executes works like renovation and maintenance of real estate in the built environment. One of the major occurring problems in inhabited premises and areas is impact noise. The Dutch company looks for technologies and expertise to reduce impact noise with a result to speed up the implementation process. The Dutch company aims for a technical cooperation agreement with a noise specialist active in the building sector.
The Dutch company is a multidisciplinary organization, focused on the strategic renovation and maintenance of real estate and civil engineering objects. From the start in the early 1970s, the company has experienced organic growth to an organization which employs now 500 employees. Depending on the needed expertise the company is supplemented by its fixed chain partners, in this way the company is able to continue to give substance to its ambition of growth and development. The company is specialized in the field of construction, painting, asbestos removal, installation, concrete and façade technology – this enables the company to carry out projects entirely on its own. The Dutch company has a strategic intention to contribute to sustainability of the building Industry. As a result, there is a growing demand from housing corporations to develop new circular concepts together with market parties. The Dutch company likes to hook in with this demand and development and become a front runner in this transition to a circular construction economy. The adaptation of this transition to a circular construction economy often takes place in residential areas. The execution of the works causes so called impact noise on the environment. In order to solve this problem the Dutch company would like to find partners who can think along, co-develop systems or concepts to reduce the problem of noise pollution during the building process. The Dutch company aims for a technical cooperation agreement with a noise reduction specialist. IMPORTANT: This technical cooperation request refers to an innovation challenge published on the internet platform. If an organization expresses interest before closing date, it will be guided towards this open innovation platform. After registration participants can browse free through other submissions and engage in discussions. All submissions will get feedback by the company on this open platform. The challenge opens on November 8th and closes on December 13th 2021. Mind that posts on this platform are not confidential. Beside open discussions on the platform, sharing of confidential information will be made possible on demand. After that, the firm will select the SME's with whom they would like to cooperate in the development of a solution. Once the challenge is closed, Expressions of Interest for this technology request will be treated in the traditional way. The Dutch company aims for a technical cooperation agreement for this request.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Dutch company is looking for all sizes of enterprises with knowledge of noise reduction in inhabited areas. The Dutch company is open for a cooperation under a technical cooperation agreement, but there is scope for discussing other forms of cooperation and agreements. The envisioned role of the partner is creative thinking from a customer’s perspective and have knowledge of: - Generation of noise in inhabited areas. - Noise reduction in inhabited premises. - Attenuation of noise. - Processes and methods to reduce noise on-site during the construction phase.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The partner should be able: • To have access to and have knowledge of noise reduction in inhabited areas. • To investigate the source of the noise impact. • To propose noise pollution measures, • To examine (and implement) measures (and technologies) to reduce noise pollution.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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