Dutch developer and processor of insect based food products, is looking for business partners for joint production and/or distribution agreement

This innovative Dutch SME specialises in processing insects for human consumption. It is looking for new business partners: - Food producers of insect based products for a manufacturing agreement. - Companies/ retailers interested in insect based products for a distribution services agreement.
After ampel research, this Dutch SME is developer and processor of functional ingredients and meat like end-products . By focussing on efficiency and quality in processing methods of insects it sets out to become the benchmark in this newly emerging industry. It is their mission to make insects more accessible by processing them as high-quality insect meat as an ingredient, and in consumer end-products.The company is on the road to become one of the leading insect processing companies in Europe. Insects are processed in a variety of different ways in private label and for its own brands. From dried whole insects to processed with high functionality to finished products such as cricket burgers, pulled grasshopper, cricket meatballs, and shawarma made from buffalo worm. The company has shown the capabilities to produce these products on a large scale in keeping with the highest food safety standards. The processing of the insects is done in-house, while it is scaling with co-producers to improve speed and efficiency. The company offers the following service and products: • Processing as a service for insect farms • Functional ingredients from insects for food production • Insect meat consumer end products The company can help European business partners (co-producers) who are looking for insect based food ingredients or products. For these partners, the company is offering a manufacturing agreement. A distribution services agreement is offered to retailers and wholesalers that are interested in insect based food products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company considers two types of partners: The partner sought would be a a new food brand that is looking for a manufacturer. The company is offering manufacturing agreement. Or a partner could be a retail partner that is looking for insect based food products. For this partner, the company is offering a distribution services agreement. The company is looking for long term partnerships to grow the new insect based food chain.
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