A Dutch manufacturer of industrial washing machines and dryers is looking for partners to conclude a commercial agency agreement

A Dutch manufacturer of industrial washing machines and dryers exists for more than 53 years and is a supplier of high-end solutions worldwide, including Germany. To streamline and accelerate sales, the manufacturer is looking for an agent with experience in selling capital goods in the food industry in Germany. The company is looking for partners to conclude a commercial agency agreement.
The Dutch company was founded in 1968 and develops, builds and sells industrial washing machines and dryers. The company offers a complete line of standard models. These models provide the customers with a wide choice as standard, however, these machines can be expanded to include items such as a blow drying system, vapor extraction or destackers and stackers. The company has the possibility to develop these machines tailor-made and fully customized to suit customer needs. Systems are used in many industries, sometimes automatically, sometimes manually, fully integrated into a production line, or as stand-alone unit. Whether their customers want visual cleaning or bacteriological cleaning and drying, they have developed all the standard systems to meet those needs. For the German market, their main focus is the food industry (meat processing, chicken processing, hatcheries, bakeries, etcetera). The food industry makes high demands of hygiene. For example, the packaging, transport equipment and tools in the chicken meat industry can become extremely fouled and contaminated and must be cleaned repeatedly. The company has extensive experience in cleaning various production, packaging and transport equipment. Each machine is developed and built in the manufacturer’s own facility in the Netherlands from construction to control technology, giving the flexibility needed to meet customer needs. On this moment sales in Germany is done by the sales department of the Dutch company. The company feels the need for a local representative in Germany. The Dutch company looks for an agent that has access to a relevant network in the food processing sector in Germany. The foreseen type of cooperation is a commercial agency agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner sought: the company is looking for commercial agents with experience and network in selling capital goods in the food industry. The main segments for Germany are food related: meat processing, chicken processing, hatcheries, bakeries, etcetera. The partner's network should consist of companies from SMEs to multinationals. Role: The partner will represent the Dutch company in Germany and generate new leads. It is also possible that the Dutch company will suggest/handover leads to the agent. Agent's responsibility is to develop business, follow up shown interest and sell the machine. Sales will be commission based. The sales partner will be guided and supported by the company.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Patents granted,Copyright
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For innovations the company applies for patents when necessary.
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