A Dutch SME, specialist in in- and outdoor signposting is offering its automated design for signposting boards in a CAD-system to authorities and profit and non-profit organizations as licensees

A Dutch company gives guidance to authorities and companies in the choice up to realization of in- and outdoor signposting. The SME is partner in designing, making, placing, managing and maintaining. The types of signage are utilitarian, object and touristic signage. For the realization of the signposts the SME applies a Computer Added Design (CAD) system. In this way the signposts are fully automated created. The Dutch SME is looking for potential partners and offers a license agreement.
A Dutch SME gives commercial, technical and project-based guidance to authorities and profit and non-profit organizations in the choice up to realization of indoor and outdoor signposting since 2016. For 2 years the Dutch SME has invented an automated system to design signposts. Until now, signposts were drawn manually in a Computer Added Design system and all parameters described in the Dutch Directive of Signage had to be applied manually by the designer. By recording these parameters in a software package and making an input document in Excel, the automated system developed by the Dutch SME makes it no longer necessary for the designer to master all parameters. Using the new CAD-system, all parameters described in the so called "Dutch Directive of Signage" are applied automatically, but can also and easily be adapted to the applicable to other national guidelines. This approach has great advantages, since as a result, also non-knowledgeable people can design the signposts. In addition, the design of the signs is faster, more efficient and they have a uniform shape. Furthermore, the automated system of the Dutch SME can create utilitarian, object and tourist signage. Today, the demand in the Netherlands is growing fast and the owner of the SME sees also possibilities abroad and preferably in the German speaking Countries. The company is looking for direct business opportunities with SMEs and authorities, road administrators but also non-profit organizations and technicians dealing with signage and companies active in the signposting industry. As the Dutch SME would like to implement the CAD-system abroad, partners are sought via a license agreement. It should be mentioned that there is scope for discussing other forms of cooperation and agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Dutch company is looking for various types of SMEs, such as profit and non-profit companies but also authorities and other organisations which are responsible for in- and outdoor signposting. The role of the foreseen partner is to implement the CAD-system in their own work schedule and discipline. The Dutch SME offers a license agreement, but there is scope for discussing other forms of cooperation and agreements.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The partner is involved in in- and outdoor signposting and should be able to: • advise new signage plans • to assist with the implementation of the national directive of the local signage guidelines • assess new signage plans • supervising realization of signage plans on behalf of the involved authorities
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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