Dutch wastewater treatment company is looking for expertise and solutions to sustainably extract mineral oil from pre-pressed sludge cake.

A Dutch SME has extensive knowledge of unblocking, inspecting, installing, maintaining and repairing sewers.They also inspect and empty oil and grease separators.The waste products released are recycled in an environmentally responsible way in their own wastewater treatment plants. The SME is looking for technical cooperation partners / SMEs that helps them to extract mineral oil from pre-pressed sludge cake. The SME is willing to conclude a technical cooperation. agreement.
The SME was established in 1968 and now has offices in in a number of cities in the Netherlands. During the 50 years of being active in the field of cleaning, construction, maintenance and inspection of sewers and sewage pumping stations, the SME is recognized as a specialist in the industry. Now they have about 190 skilled and motivated employees, the company is able to prevent and resolve sewer problems for numerous individuals, companies, water boards and housing corporations throughout the Netherlands. At this moment the sludge cake, contaminated with mineral oil particles is disposed of in a landfill. From the point of view of social and sustainable responsibility the company wants to change this method of waste processing and depositing. They also take into account that they have to comply with future legislation. Of course, processing the released old mineral oils contributes to the desire to reuse raw materials. The Dutch company is looking for a partner who can think and work on a technical solution for the problem of breaking or removing oil from the sludge. The main questions is: “how can the SME sustainably extract mineral oil from sludge cake?” The company has the intention to conclude a technical cooperation agreement, but there is scope for discussing other forms of cooperation and agreements. IMPORTANT: This technical cooperation request refers to an innovation challenge published on the internet platform. If an organization expresses interest before closing date, it will be guided towards this open innovation platform. After registration participants can browse free through other submissions and engage in discussions. All submissions will get feedback by the company on this open platform. The challenge opens on November 8th and closes on December 13 th 2021. Mind that posts on this platform are not confidential. Beside open discussions on the platform, sharing of confidential information will be made possible on demand. After that, the firm will select the SMEs with whom they would like to cooperate in the development of a solution. Once the challenge is closed, Expressions of Interest for this technology request will be treated in the traditional way.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Dutch company is looking for all sizes enterprises with a related technology to extract mineral oils form sludge. The Dutch SME is open for a cooperation under a technical cooperation agreement, but there is scope for discussing other forms of cooperation and agreements.The envisioned role of the partner is creative thinking from a customer’s perspective and have knowledge of: - Processing of sludge flows; - Wastewater treatment processes; - Extraction process and methods; - Removing liquids from sludge cake; - Sludge filtration techniques.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The SME is looking for solutions (technologies and methods) and partners, who could help them solving this challenge. The following expertise is considered: - Knowledge of the processing of sludge flows - Understanding how to extract mineral oil from sludge. - Knowlegde how to make the wastewater flows more sustainable.
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