A Egyptian producer of wood pellets is looking for distribution services

The Egyptian company, specialized in the production of wood pellets, wants to conclude distribution services and commercial agency agreements with trade partners all over the world to promote and sell its products on new local markets. the company is producing the following types of products: 1-wood pellets EN plus 2-Industrial wood pellets 3-Charcoal 4-Wood Briquettes 5-Olive Seeds
The Egyptian company is considered the first and leading company in the field of biomass pellets source production in the Regions of both Africa and middle east. It was established in 2005 and launched its first factory in 2007 - with a total investment of 3.5 Million Euros - Later on, in 2014, the company reached a total net worth of 6 Million Euros by opening a new factory. The company is equipped with advanced machinery and equipment that may operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Producing high-quality wood pellets made from the finest untreated natural wood. The Company uses wood scrap, sawdust, and different agricultural wastes to produce an alternative clean and environmentally friendly source of energy for both residential and industrial uses Producing high-quality wood briquettes made from untreated natural wood. Production capacity of 70000 tons annually of wood pellets. Production capacity of 1000 tons annually of wood briquettes. Producing high-quality Olive Seeds (Carnel), which is considered one of the highest calorific values in renewable energy sources. Producing high-quality Charcoal which is occasionally used as a cooking fuel, outdoor ovens, grilling, barbecue backyards, and camping trips. The company has the ambition to develop new partnerships all over the world and to expand on new markets. It is looking for reliable partners (distributors/wholesalers/trade agents), interested to sell its products in new local markets. Commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement is offered to potential partners in order to spread products and to increase the number of end-users.
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The company is looking for distributors and trade agents with experience in the field of biomass for the distribution of wood pellets. Potential partners must have good knowledge and proven experience in wholesale and retail trade. The company is looking for reliable partnerswilling to build a long-term cooperation. Distribution services agreements and commercial agency agreements are sought.
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