An established Slovak company has developed a solution focused on disposal of dog excrements and is looking for partners to cooperate via commercial agency agreement

An established Slovak company has developed a solution based on disposal of dog excrement and urine in public areas (playgrounds, residential areas, parks) and gardens of family houses. The worldwide patented solution is focused on limiting the contact of canine urine and the subsequent contamination that dog waste can cause. The preferred type of cooperation is a commercial agency agreement.
This eco-dog toilet (EDT) is a unique solution developed by the Slovak company. The unique technology protected by worldwide patent is interesting in its simplicity and ingenuity. Behind the station growth is 15 years of development in cooperation with experts, and it is certified by independent specialists. The toilet removes solid and liquid excrement of dogs in playgrounds, residential areas, parks, public areas,service stations, rest areas, surrounding residential buildings and shopping centers, as well as houses environmentally and efficiently addressing disposal and neutralization of dog excrement in public places and residential areas in cities from the outset. Limiting the contact of canine urine with the surrounding environment and the subsequent contamination that dog waste can cause. EDT contains a patented ingredient with dog pheromones which are gradually released into the environment. It actively attracts dogs to carry out their dog excrement in the station and does not contaminate the surrounding area. This solution has a calming effect, so the dogs want to mark their territory with urine and thereby protect the environment. Pheromone component is specifically created by experts of the Slovak company and is form from purely natural elements. EDT attracts dogs and actively supports their excretion thanks to a special ingredient containing dog pheromones, which is gradually released to the surroundings of the station. This dog pheromone component acts on calming dogs and promotes the preservation of their own territory. The EDT pheromone component has been specially prepared by experts and is based on a natural base. The owner of the dog upon arrival at the toilet will allow the dog comfortable access by allowing the slip or by fixing it to the hanging element, which is located on the station post. Consequently, the dog instinctively acts by the ingenious system of toilet. Then, it is good to praise or reward the dog to make a habit of practicing at toilet. The heavy excrement should be taken with a piece of absorbent material and put it in a plastic bag, which is in the protective basket attached to the toilet column. he excrement residues and the excreted urine pass through the absorbent mass and subsequently the filtration component, thereby free of germs, acid pH and are neutralized. The filter system is regularly monitored and serviced. Patented technology protects the environment: The basis is made of absorbent matter - diverts rain water, - is environmentally friendly, - inhibits the expansion of odor, - it has the ideal composition for the collection of dog excrement (of varying forms). Below the surface is the filtration insert - reduces the pH of urine, - removes germs, - eliminates odors. The station consists of: • Stabilization-hygienic part containing absorbing substance with unique structure • Filtering cartridge of hygienic device • Pheromone cartridge • Protection bin • Box for compostable hygienic bags • Dog leash holder • Vertical pillar • Information panel • Advertising panel designated for you own advertisement The preferred type of cooperation is commercial agency agreement. The role of a partner is more specified in the Partner Sought.
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Type and role of the partner: The company is looking for partners to sell the product and for commercial representation in partner´s country. The preferred type of partner is private company offering services to cities or municipalities (e.g. company securing waste disposal, maintaining public areas, supplying city furniture, smart solutions or anything else) or companies that cooperate with households e.g. selling granules for dogs, garden furniture or anything else. Role: The Slovak company is looking for reliable, honest foreign partners - wholesalers, distributors or retailers. The preferred type of cooperation is via commercial agency agreement.
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