An Estonian company providing wide range of timber buildings suitable for people’s gardens, along with a wide range of outdoor leisure buildings, glamping and wellness solutions is looking for distributors.

An Estonian family business is focused on providing a range of timber products like woodburning hot-tubs, wooden saunas, garden houses, camping huts etc, is looking for distributors in United States, Canada, North/West/Middle-Europe and in Asian countries, like Japan.
An Estonian family business was established in 2003, in the town of Tartu, Estonia. They are dealing with sawn timber import-export, wood processing and providing a range of timber products, like woodburning hot-tubs, wooden saunas (barrel saunas, sauna pods, oval saunas), garden houses (pavilions, grill houses), camping huts etc. The products are ready-made factory assembled or flat pack (client assembles). The company is expecting for a long-term cooperation with a distributor partner and focusing to United States, Canada markets, but also North/West/Middle-Europe and Asian countries, like Japan. Offered products are with excellent high quality and affordable price where design offers plenty detail options, to fit various export markets. Their timber buildings are designed according to customers’ needs and they´re offering a range of products suitable for people’s gardens, along with a wide range of outdoor leisure buildings and glamping solutions. More than 90% of company´s production goes to export. Their main customers are in Europe, e.g Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Nordic countries, also in United Kingdom and Norway. They sell also outside Europe, e.g to United States, South-Korea, New-Zealand and Australia. Currently the producer are facing a high demand due to Covid situation, but they have capability produce, for example hot tubs still within 4-6 weeks, because of the new production facility. This company striving to offer as wide range of products as possible to create a one stop shop of timber products. This makes it easy and convenient for their customers to get a quality product from a reliable partner. Alongside their standard brochure models, they can offer a bespoke garden building service – buildings made according to our customers’ specifications. The producer has a strong focus on product development and innovation. They continually analyse market trends and collect customers feedback to offer different solutions for every aspect of outdoor living.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Company is planning to expand more in foreign markets and their desired outcome of international partnerships would be the distribution of wood cabins, garden houses, different wooden saunas, glamping products, hot tubs etc. Distributor should have a previous experience in reselling wooden products, but it is not an issue if it is a starting company also. Their partner should be taking responsibility to deal with the end users themselves and help with assembly if needed. The company will provide all the information which is necessary for product distribution. They will help their distributors to get to know their products. All warranty cases will go through them.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The delivery depends on customer needs, but most of their products shipped in flat pack (cheaper to deliver and cheaper to purchase). The barrel/oval saunas and camping’s could be also sent as assembled. Some products like hot tubs, mostly in assembled versions, where client needs to attach few easy details only.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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