[EUREKA/EUROSTARS2] Partners sought for plasma lighitng technology development

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A Korean company has been developing a variety of investigating devices including inspection of solar light. Its main technology is plasma lighting system with low maintenance fee and low power consumption along with long life compared to existing lighting system. The company is looking for partners to perform the technology to be more advanced under research cooperation agreement with a proposal of Eurostars2 and Eureka.
A Korean SME has specialized in research and development based on South Korea, and the company develop devices for inspection of solar light and for a variety of investigation and supplies them to national and public research institute. The company comes up with the idea of development of plasma lighting system because it enables low maintenance fee, low power consumption, and long life compared to existing lighting system which could lead to change market trends of lighting. Since the light is similar to sunlight, it is bright as daylight at night, so it could be applied on remote detection for trap and a cruise ship, and for night stadium and night golf field. The company is the world second research institute to develop simulator for solar light investigation, and it is looking for partners to develop more advanced technology applicable on plasma lighting system to enter European market under research cooperation agreement by submitting proposal of Eurostars2 and Eureka. Deadline for EOI: 15th May 2020 Deadline for Call: 15th June 2020 Project Duration: 104 weeks
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partner sought: SMEs, large companies, research institute - Specific area of activity of the partner: Partners should be familiar with plasma technology that is applicable on lighting system and prefers to be manufacturer and research and development. - Task to be performed: Partners should perform R&D for more advanced technology and functions on plasma lighting system, and it wishes to enter European market under research cooperation agreement.
Stage of Development: 
Proposal under development
IPR Status: 
Patents granted,Trade Marks
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