Eurostars: A French technological center and a French R&D performing SME are looking for SME partners to develop and refine altogether a novel polymer-derived ceramic based material for 3D printing

A French technological center and a French R&D SME are looking for research and industrial partners (SMEs) to integrate into their consortium. They are developing a project for the September 2019 Eurostars call, focused on developing and refining an innovative polymer-derived ceramic based material for 3D printing. The material will be more cost-efficient, and with properties comparable to the current state of art. The sought partners shall be acquainted with 3D printing and printable materials.
Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing method which is able to realise complex shapes with high accuracy and no loss of material. It is commonly known that shaping via SLA silicon carbide parts from a traditional photopolymerisable resin loaded with silicon carbide filler particles is not possible. The use of Polymer-Derived Ceramics (PDCs) is a convenient way to obtain silicon carbide based printed parts without the problems of more traditional approaches. Nevertheless, these parts are still very expensive. A French technological center and a French R&D performing SME are developing more cost-efficient, highly effective printable PDCs for SLA. The PDC will possess properties comparable to as those existing currently on the market . These PDCs will be based on novel, innovative and different chemical compound. > The technological center is specialized in technical ceramics and shaping processes and has a strong experience in additive manufacturing. > The R&D SME is focused on chemicals, especially in innovative polymer formulations for various applications in research and industry. The French R&D performing SME (coordinator) is highly experienced in European projects. In the framework of an EUROSTARS project proposal (the September 12th 2019 cut-off is scheduled), the consortium will target the production of its novel, and low-priced PDC, with accompanying industrial demonstrators. Finally, a new innovative PDC shall be introduced into the market, at the latest 24 months after the project's term. Therefore, the consortium is looking for supplementary partners. The latter shall be: > SMEs: suppliers of raw materials for photopolymerisable resins and/or suppliers of polymer derived ceramics >Potential SME end users of silicon carbide ceramic parts Their contribution will consist in: > testing by degrees this novel product in a realistic environment > analyze its capabilities and validate them > detect eventual defaults > give feedback on potentially necessary modifications > give advice on market strategy > etc. These partners will notably bring in their practical expertise to accelerate the product's improvement and its successful introduction into the market. The sought partners shall have firm knowledge about the printable materials. All Eurostars participating countries (with the exception of France), are invited to participate. The call's deadline is September 12th, 2019. This research and development request is open for receiving expressions of interest until August 20th, 2019.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The sought SME partners shall integrate into the Eurostars project proposal either as suppliers or as potential end-users. The suppliers shall be specialized in raw materials for photopolymerisable resins or in polymer derived ceramics. The potential end users shall be interested in silicon carbide ceramic parts. The sought partners will have different tasks/roles which consist in tests (in a realistic environment), in analysis and in validation of the product's abilities, in eventual default detection, in constructive feed-back and in advice on market strategy and eventually necessary changes. This partner research is open for all Eurostars participating countries (with the exception of France).
Stage of Development: 
Proposal under development
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