[Eurostars2 Project] Cloud based English negotiation learning platform

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A South-Korean SME is looking for R&D partners to develop a software program which deals with training and consulting business negotiation in English. The proposal will be submitted in the Eurostars2 call (deadline 15th Sep 2019) and is looking for partners to work on the e-learning system as well as negotiation document management system and develop the business model for commercialization of the service.
A Korean SME is specialized in the development of English learning platform. They provide training and consultancy service to entrepreneurs, C-level executives, technology managers, and patent portfolio managers. As the world becomes globalized, there are many types of deal accomplished such as commodity trade, technology transfer, patent dispute, joint venture and M&A. The project will be of great added value to the communicational training industry. The company is to develop a platform to offer language service including workshop, seminar, and negotiation & contract coaching in O2O(online-to-offline) basis. The application to Eurostars2 project aims to lead business people with lack of business English skills to global-standardized negotiator. The company is also looking for R&D partners active in training and consultancy service for business English skills. It requires partners who will be responsible for the business and commercialization plan. As consortium, the company wish to develop on: - Cloud based video on demand(VOD) sessions: opportunity to learn English as well as negotiating skill - Offline workshop: English communication skills through having offline discussion. - Negotiation software: Writing business negotiation papers The call deadline is 15th September 2019. The company will receive expressions of interest until the 15th August 2019. Product duration is approximately 104 weeks.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partner sought: SME - Specific area of activity of the partner : Experts on business English skills in negotiating, consulting and relevant ideas. - Task to be performed: Development of e-learning language platform for business men who have lack of English skills to have 1:1 business meetings.
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Concept stage
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Secret Know-how
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