Exporter of baby clothes seeks distributors in Europe.

The Peruvian company with experience in the production and distribution of baby clothes is looking for distributors in Europe. The company has excellent quality products along with 100% Peruvian cotton to satisfy the needs and demand of an increasingly discerning client.
A Peruvian company, exporter since 2006, produces a variety of baby clothes and complements, focused on providing the highest quality and a competitive price . The company is selling its products in local and international markets, such as Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, USA and Venezuela. The company produces baby clothes with 100% Pime cotton, which is the most resistant, shiny and soft in comparison to the other cottons. Also, has collections such as new bron, fashion, basic and pajamas. The products are manufactured with the highest quality Pima cotton, also in the manufacturing process uses eight-head embroidery machines, bold plotters, industrial baking machines. The company owns own designs and a brand patented in several countries. The Peruvian company is looking for distributors and is interested in working under a distribution services agreement with their partners.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Peruvian company is looking for a distributor partner, supplier of high quality baby clothes with festive style , and also small sized companies that are starting in retail stores business.
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