Family winery in the heart of Tokaj wine region is looking for distributors or agencies to sell its wine products

The winery is located in the North-Hungarian region, in the area of Tokaj. It started more than 40 years ago with a small production of Tokaj wines: sweet, semi-sweet and dry wines with the fresh aromas of fruit, which have won many awards in Hungarian and international wine contests. They are looking for a commercial agency interested or any distribution services agreements.
The winery is located in North-Hungarian region. It started more than 40 years ago as a family winery, and in 2016 they founded the company, then the owner decided to hand over the business to his son, before he would retire. The winery produces the following types of wine: • yellow muscat száraz: dry wine, lively scents, fruity flavours. • furmint száraz: light dry wine with the scent of pear. • hárslevelű félszáraz: semi-dry wine with the scent of vine flowers. • sárga muskotály (yellow muscat) félédes: semi-sweet dry with the taste of old grape vines. • furmint édes: sweet wine with the fresh aromas of fruit. It produces wines on about 15 hectares of specialized vineyards. It would like to export wines with no minimum quantity of order required. Discount conditions and prices will vary depending on the quantity of the order and the durability of the collaboration over time. Its products represent a complete offer for those who want to have a choice between different wines from this region. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements or distribution agreements, but also for wine shops and restaurants as importers.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for commercial agencies, wine shops and hotels, restaurants or those partners who are active in the HORECA sector to sell wines of this company without minimum quantity of order required, and distribution services agreement is offer to partners who are willing to sell the Hungarian companies products on their market.
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Already on the market
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