FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020 French engineering centre looking for SME partner to set-up a millimeter wave based radar demonstrator to address detection purposes in the health sector

A French engineering centre is looking for a SME partner (research partnership) to complete a consortium of several European partners, willing to respond in 2019 to the FET-Open-01 call. The objective is to set-up a millimeter wave based radar demonstrator. This device shall notably address the detection of hydration defects (e.g. human body) in the health and paramedical sector. The researched SME's task within the project will be the demonstrator's validation/testing in a realistic environment
Being already in contact with other European structures thanks to its international network, a French engineering centre is looking for a SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) partner in order to complete its consortium to respond to the FET-Open-01 Challenging Current Thinking call (cut-off 18th September 2019).The engineering centre has deep knowledge in the domain of very high frequencies (millimeter waves). The French centre is already experienced in international relations and collaborations. The project proposal's partners are willing to set-up a millimeter wave based radar demonstrator which is dedicated to detection purposes. This device will address a strong need in many sectors, because detecting and localising in a very precise way discrepencies (even the smallest differentials) in the hydration (drought/moisture) of various surfaces is nowadays still complicated. The following sectors are addressed by this innovative tool: > Health (e.g. hydration differences of the human skin/skin diseases) > Pharma-industrie (e.g. the surface's homogeneity of pharmaceutical products, like morphine or nicotine patches) > Materials (e.g. the homogeneity of an adhesive layer) > Paramedical sector > Biology The device's skills will help to detect defects or irregularities in the range of hydration/moisture rates. The researched SME partner shall be able to evaluate the demonstrator's potentiality. This evaluation consists in two axes: > measure the market's potential interests for this device > test and validate the device in a concrete and real environment The consortium is looking for partners from all FET-Open partcipating countries, except France, Germany and the Netherlands. The call's deadline is the 18th September 2019 and this partner research is open for receiving expressions of interest until the 15th August 2019.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The sought partner shall be a SME (respect the official European Union's criteria for a small and medium-sized enterprise). The partner shall be familiar with millimeter wave based radar technologies and know their market. Furthermore, it would be a clear advantage if he/she has experience in international collaborative projects. Moreover, the partner shall be able to perform the device's testing and validation in a realistic and practical environment. This feed-back will be essential for the product's capability to meet the market's needs and successfully compete against other stakeholders. Lastly, the SME shall be positioned in one of the following sectors: > Health > Pharmaceutique sector > Paramedical sector > Biology
Stage of Development: 
Proposal under development
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