Field service management, logistics management , optimisation software and mobile application

A Finnish IT company offers advanced technology specially designed for operations real time management. The solution consists of three main modules: operations Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), optimisation software and a mobile app. It is cloud based, has full language support and is easily parameterised to various industries. License agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought.
The Finnish software company was established in 2002. Their product is a full ERP for operations and/or logistics including a very powerful optimisation and mobile app. The different modules can work alone depending on the partner's application and customer needs. The whole solution is server based and will be integrated to partner’s and/or customer’s solution. The advantage of the solution is that all operational information is managed in one solution capable of optimising the operations as well. The following information can be managed: • Customer data in all levels from addresses and orders to pricing and invoicing • Resources including all personal, vehicles and other equipment and their properties • Real time monitoring and tracking • Customer app and Web access to place orders, monitor order status, reporting etc. • Optimisation software for different levels: strategic, operational and real time • All operational aspects like reporting, agreements, pricing are managed in the solution • Full integration to other systems. Partners will integrate the solution or parts of it to their own systems to extend their offering to operational side in form of ERP and optimisation. The company has vast experience on integrating to other systems and has a very good reference base in Finland. Their solution is used virtually in any industry from waste management to healthcare and from logistics to field work management. The technology is most suitable for companies having mid- to large size complex operations with lot of different kinds of services and customers. Cooperation partner sought is an IT Integrator who has their own applications or is reselling ERP. Different types of co-operation are possible: license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company will offer knowledge and technical advice to partners so that they can deliver the solution to the final client and also daily support. Moreover, the company will assist partners and collaborate in the implementation of the product according to client’s needs. Also the company will provide to partners sales support in major cases.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Cooperation partner sought is an IT Integrator who has their own applications or is reselling ERP’s like Navision or Axapta. They have a solid customer base and are capable of delivering IT projects.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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