Finnish art and design artist is searching distributors for childrens' clothing fabric

A Finnish artist designing cards, posters, fabrics etc. has her own shop and online store. Now she is looking for international partners, distributors and wholesalers especially from Europe for her childrens' clothing fabric under a distribution services agreement.
The Finnish artist and designer is designing sensitive and delicate nature and animal themed cards, posters, fabrics, paintings and even murals as a comission. The inspiration comes usually from the nature and she uses themes like cats, horses, pandas, bambies, birds, wood etc, in her art. Painting, drawing and designing is her passion. Her expertise is in photorealistic, photoaccurate technic. She has established her company in 2009 and is selling the products in her shop, online store and through many distributors. Her fabrics are exported to Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Belgium. Now she is looking for new international contacts especially from Europe for the fabrics under a distribution services agreement. The most potential partners might be for example fabric stores and chains, wholesalers, online stores etc, selling fabrics and other textile related items. Printed childrens´ clothing fabrics are targeted for childrens' clothes made by professionals or amateur dressmakers who value individual design. Childrens´clothing fabrics are available as jersey, college, softshell and cotton.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
This Finnish company is seeking international business partners to conclude distribution services agreements. Potential partners include fabric stores and chains, textile wholesalers, online stores etc. who have good contacts with the end-users and large networks in the field.
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Already on the market
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