A Finnish company that has developed a SaaS (software as a service) solution for energy modeling and calculation with energy management for professional use is looking for partners for a SaaS service agreement and/or distributors

The Finnish company´s cloud solution for energy modeling and calculation with energy management for professional use is for companies wishing to use it in the services for clients, such as energy audits, energy consulting, monitoring services and that way help clients understand, find and verify energy saving possibilities in a more cost efficient and quicker way. Partners are sought in the EU, Qatar, South Korea, Japan, Canada and India for a distribution services or a SaaS services agreement.
The Finnish company has developed a digital cloud solution, a SaaS (software as a service) based service in use for implementation of energy audits, ESCO (energy service company) projects, ISO 50 001 energy management and for producing action plans, energy performance reporting, energy managing services, project cost and saving calculations etc. It is the only solution that uses real values and has ready functions to dynamic energy modeling and calculation with energy management. It has been successfully used by dozens of companies in EU and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries already. Added values of the solution are: - Saves used working time and increases productiveness in energy audits, verification of measures - Reduces 70-80 % of working time - The modelling of energy balance is based on structured and tested method and algorithms - Improves results and quality of energy audits - Energy audit can cover up to 98% of energy consumption, which is much more than in the conventional energy audit - Not measurable energy fractions can also be identified - Uses the actual equipment and structures of the object - The quality of the results will be higher because the errors are eliminated - It is suitable for designed, new, old buildings and processes. - Supports the whole energy efficiency life cycle - Allows reliable simulation of energy balance - The creating of scenarios is possible without hard manual calculation work. - Enables to recognize the effect of simultaneous changes - Includes action plan and management - Gap analysis and flexible energy saving proposals - Provides a reliable tool for monitoring, follow-up and verification of the results - The follow-up and verification of energy-saving measures quickly, accurately and credibly without expensive measurements. - Data integration to building automation and CPM (corporate performance management), BI (business intelligence) and other dash boards. It is suitable for different kinds of properties, industry an processes. The customer experience has been strongly positive. The company is producing the modular and scalable cloud application for variable customer needs for global markets. After a successful pilot phase they are looking for companies doing energy audits in new markets areas. The type of cooperation sought is a SaaS services agreement (the right to use the cloud solution in order to produce services for own clients) or a distribution services agreement. The target is to develop a growing and profitable business together.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Expected partner profile: - Facility management which has energy efficiency services. - Energy efficiency services and consultancy (ISO 50001, energy audits and reviews, ESCO (energy service company) projects). - The partner should have experience on marketing and sales and energy audits, energy reviews and energy balance calculations. - Energy service company (SaaS service agreement) or a distributor in the energy sector (distribution services agreement).
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