A Finnish SME is looking for distributors and agents for their fuel-saving lubrication additive

A Finnish lubricant additive manufacturer is searching for distributors and agents. Their products improve energy efficiency, prolong engine and gearbox component lifetime, lower fuel consumption and emissions, and therefore generate cost savings for users. The main user and end customer segments are transportation (truck and bus owners etc.) as well as energy sector (windmills, power plants).
The Finnish SME, established in 2010, produces and sells lubrication additives for engines and power plant turbines. The company's mission is to reduce global fuel consumption and emissions, and make a massive impact on the environment. The company has activities both in Finland and Sweden and they have distributors in few countries in Europe and Middle East. However, their network doesn't cover the market potential very well yet and new partners are welcome. The products have been exported to less than ten countries in Europe, Asia and America. There are different additive solutions for different type of engines like low-sulphur marine engines, road transport sector (cars, buses, trucks, trains, caterpillars) and energy sector (power plants and generators). The products have been used in commercial engines in the marine industry since 2014 showing great results. It is also available in fully formulated lubricant oils in Asia for the transportation industry such as heavy-duty trucks, buses, and cars. A multi-function additive contains both a friction modifier and an anti-wear component. Its functionality is based on a tribo-chemical synthetic molecular mechanism that applies a precise quantity of perfectly distributed copper ions as a self-repairing protective copper-organic compound (COC) nano-film onto metal friction surfaces. This nano-layer has plastic flow properties, reducing energy losses, and preventing hydrogen wear and corrosion. The main features lead to reduced friction and improved anti-wear characteristics of lubricant oil. It enhances engine performance and energy efficiency, lessens wear and improves heat transfer from the friction zone. The products cut fuel consumption which leads to less emissions and it also prolongs the lifetime of components and all of these mean reduced costs. The technology is patented and based on research, and the performance benefits have been proven and demonstrated in extensive field tests at different universities and well-known institutions like Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) and VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland). The company is expanding their market area and therefore they are now searching for new partners. They are interested in new distributors and agents who have contacts and ability to sell the products to the following sectors: -transport sector: truck and bus owners -energy sector: like windmills and/or other power plants -oil companies to formulate their oils and greases with a new component in their formulations -gearbox manufacturers to test the additives in their gearboxes. The target market can include any country or region.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Finnish SME is looking for distributors and agents to sell the products especially to transportation and energy sectors. Truck and bus owners, windmill and power plant operators are the main end user groups. Also oil companies and gearbox manufacturers are potential clients to reach. The searched partners should have a contact network and ability to establish partnerships for creating long-term benefits for the mentioned end customers.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted,Trade Marks
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