A French company is looking for an industrial partner in metal / mechanical parts to manufacture a new patented product

A French SME has invented and designed a hand trolley system that clips onto a hoverboard to facilitate the transport of goods on foot. Its handles modulate the forward speed and makes it possible to brake if necessary. The SME seeks an industrial partner specialising in metal tubes (steel or aluminum) folding, welding, capable of adapting mechanical parts (braking system). A long-term partner located in Eastern Europe is sought for a manufacturing agreement. A prototype will be made initially.
The French company has entirely designed and patented a vertical welded metal system equipped with hand-operated brakes. Once clipped onto a hoverboard running with electricity, the new system is useful for transporting goods safely in front of you while walking (Picture 1). It is possible to attach goods using a fixing strap. The French company is looking for an industrial partner to manufacture the whole new system. The vertical welded metal system can be made of steel (simple) or aluminium (lightweight). It is composed of 13 parts (Picture 2): -part 1: handlebar -part 2: gussets -part 3: U tube -part 4: folded sheet -part 5: top cladding -part 6: strap fixing plate -part 7: long tubes -part 8: rectangular tubes -part 9: intermediate cladding -part 10: shovel -part 11: weld nut -part 12: crimp nut -part 13: crimp nut In addition, the partner should attach two hand brakes on the handlebars as well as two non-slip rubber grips. To begin with, the French company would like the partner to make a prototype. After validation of the prototype, a first order of 100 units is planned. Then, the quantities produced can go up to 10.000 units per year. An industrial partner specialising in mechanics, mechanical welding and painting is needed to produce the new system. The French company is looking for a long-term partner based in Eastern Europe under a manufacturing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner should be an industrial manufacturer of mechanically welded equipment, specialised in the assembly of metal parts (riveting/welding), metal folding (folded plate and tubes), painting, mechanics (fixing braking system and adding non-slip parts of rubber handles). The partner could be a manufacturer of products such as wheelchairs, medical stretchers, transport trolleys, bicycles, etc. The partner must be located in Eastern Europe.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
-The partner must be a manufacturer experienced in: -mechanical welding (drilling, welding, riveting ...), -sheet metal (bending), -painting (the vertical welded metal system should be paint in black), -mechanics (to fix hand brakes onto the handlebar) -Firstly a prototype is expected to be produced -Secondly 100 units will be manufactured -Finally quantities could reach 10.000 units
Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration
IPR Status: 
Patents granted
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