French company, representing designer brands of very creative products made in France, seeks shops and concept stores for distribution in Eastern or Northern Europe

A French company represents several brands and exports original leather goods, jewelry, clothing and accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and candles. These products are designed and manufactured by creative SMEs, which do not yet export, or export very little. The company aims to provide European markets with access to exclusive brands and high quality French products. Shops or concept stores located in Europe interested in enlarging their product portfolio are sought for distribution agreements.
The French company helps at exporting rare products from France towards Eastern and Northern Europe. The goal is to enable European markets to access to exclusive brands and high quality products. A way to show what is Made in France today, and to promote young talents trying to associate tradition and novelty. The SME works with several French brands in various sectors such as eco-responsible bags and wallets, exclusive perfumery, skin care made out of flax, skin care made out of thyme honey, silk scarf, jewelry, decorated organic cotton t-shirts. Description of the products: -Bags and wallets made out of sailcloth: by using these sails in an up-cycling logic, the brands keep transmitting and sharing emotions they once gave to their teams. The sails that are used come from sailmakers or navigators. After having been selected and sorted out, each sail gets a number. The collections and the products are designed from these collected sails, in order to respect the material and its identity. -Bags and wallets made from vegetal leather: producing ultimate leatherwork yes, but producing responsible ultimate leatherwork is even better. For that reason, the brand uses grapes. It comes from grapes marc, collected at the end of the wine season. The two brands both fight animal testing too, by giving a part of their benefits to associations protecting animals. -Silk scarfs: representing the world surrounding the creator herself, using silk as her mean of expression, transmitting and sharing these stories on silk scarfs, this is the aim of the brand, with authentic patterns, drawn by the creator herself. They are not only silk scarves, as the bigger ones can be worn in multiple ways. -Jewels: First brand aims to share passion for creation and for escapes. Not only inspired by new horizons, but also by the diversity of women around the world, and the plurality of cultures. The creator tries to offer jewels made in France at an affordable price. Second brand was created by young creator, which drew, imagined, measured and replaced the jewels in her home. Here, the key words are modular and life-resistant. -Skin care products: One brand uses honey as efficient resource for the skin, rare in current products. Associating tradition and innovation, other active ingredients from plants are used to respect both the skin and the environment (glass jars closed by a wooden cap, carton packages folded as origami so no glue is needed). Partner of BEE FUND protecting bees and their hives. Second brand works with flax. It is local and consistent in the respect for the environment and human beings. Beyond flax, other natural ingredients are used, like floral waters, fragrances from Grasse, fruits and plants extracts. Labelised One Voice (no ingredients of animal origin / products not sold in countries where animal testing is required). -Home fragrances and candles: One brand creates candles linked to oenology, with perfumes inspired by famous French wines. The other makes home sanitisers/candles with various perfumes. The range is rather premium. -T-shirts: The brand produces clothes 100% organic cotton of quality (180g) in a consistent way with a affordable price. It aims at reducing carbon footprint. Their t-shirts are designed by a French stylist inspired by the Mediterranean history and produced in a small factory in Bangladesh which respects workers’ rights. The brand produces also sweatshirts in organic cotton and printed in France The French SME seeks European partners for distribution services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner should be a shop or a concept store located in Europe, and especially in Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The partner should sell physically the original and creative products from France to its local clientele. A distribution services agreement is sought.
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Already on the market
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Design Rights
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