French company seeks Beechwood and Pine supplier for custom-made interior woodwork

A French company that specialises in designing and manufacturing custom-made interior woodwork is looking for new wood suppliers that could provide it with beechwood and pinewood. A long-term cooperation is preferred under supplier agreement. The wood must be finger-joint laminated and meet the specifications required by the company.
The French company has been active for more than 25 years in France, designing and manufacturing high quality interior joinery (timber frame, various hatch, chassis frame...) that meet all the quality criteria required by the building legislation (fire, noise). The company already works with national suppliers but in order to meet the growing demand, while offering quality products at an affordable price, the company wants to expand its network of suppliers at the European level. This new challenge is necessary to be in capacity to grow and meet the clients expectations. Therefore the company is looking for a new reliable Beechwood and Pine supplier that can meet its requirements and provide material on a regular basis : - Finger-joint laminated beechwood profiles = 800m3 per year (order by truck) - Finger-joint laminated pine profiles= 450m3 per year (order by truck) Technical and logistical detailed requirements available upon request. A long-term cooperation is requested. This means that the wood supply capacity of the partner is decisive. This long-term commitment on the company's side could pave the way to a possible adaptation of the payment conditions after validation of it's reliability by the supplier.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for a wood company that can supply it on a long term basis with beechwood and pinewood, according to its technical and logistical requirements. The company should be either the wood producer with its own sawmill or a distributor of wood.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
A full description of the specifications required will be provided upon request. General technical requirements: For Beechwood FJL (Finger-joint laminated): 4-sided planed wood (S4S) with perfect rectitude Color uniformity between the slides, Certified glue, meeting all requirements of the standard XP/CEN TS 13307-2; Level of resistance of the standard: XP/CEN TS 13307-2 or else. For Pinewood: 4-sided planed wood (S4S) with perfect rectitude No defects like :Knots, Shards, Bubble of resin, Lack of material, Heating, Rot or Bluing of the pinewood…; Certified glue, meeting all requirements of the standard: NF EN 13353+A1; Level of resistance of the standard: NF EN 13353+A1 or else.
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Already on the market
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