A French hand decorator on white and blue procelain proposes its rare know-how under a manufacturing agreement

A French hand decorator on white and blue porcelain proposes its rare and skillfully know-how for decorating pieces of porcelain. Situated in the South-West area of a Protected Geographical Indication, the company can raise different creations devoted to various tableware products for decoration, restaurants, hotels either business to business or business to consumer. The company is looking for manufacturing agreements.
The French craftsman has a high level of know-how related to porcelain. It is been decorating porcelain for over 50 years. The company paints tableware and decorative products on white and blue porcelain. The company does not produce porcelain however it has a strong network of porcelain suppliers also certified Protected Geographical Indication. The porcelain painter prepares its colors by mixing pigments with binders and mediums. To paint, it uses a brush, a pen, a sponge, a pad, or a spray gun. The inlay technique consists of engraving a motif into the porcelain and then inlaying it with precious metal such as matte or shiny platinum gold. The company is one of the last to master this ancestral technique. The company is able to meet specific requirements both at technical and artistic levels. It meets each customer's specific request by producing a unique sample - monogram, name, date, coat of arms, graphics, etc. Once the visual has been validated, the piece is processed and fired at approximately 840°. Each stage of the coloring process requires a firing and a cooling period. The company can propose designs inspired by old books on birds, embroidery decorations but also from the current trends captured via the specialized press. Clients are both professionals and private individuals from France, Switzerland, and the United States. The company has its Economic Operator Registration and Identification - EORI - number used for teleprocedures. In order to expand internationally, the French company is looking for manufacturing agreements with companies or institutions situated in Europe and worldwide.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for foreign partners in order to establish solid and fruitful collaborations under a manufacturing agreement. The desired partners must be placed in a medium/high-quality market of tableware and decorative porcelain as home decorators, bed and breakfast owners, hotels, restaurants, companies for specific gifts. The role of the partner is expected to define clearly its needs and make itself available to determine the specifications before sampling.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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