A French SME, producer of decorative zero care miniature plants in glass containers, is looking for distributors

A French company, situated in the South West area, proposes decorative zero care, long-life miniature plants in glass containers. Those decorative plants are ideal for private homes, offices, outlets, concept stores, hotels and restaurants, garden stores and florists. The company is looking for trade intermediaries across Europe under a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.
The French SME, created in 2018, situated in the South West of France, invented a special method, based on a secret formulation, that helps plants to grow without care in a glass container. Thanks to a specific nutritive gel, the plants can live and grow for several months without adding nutrients or water. This technology, borrowed from the laboratory, helps the plants grow on a natural gel and in complete autonomy. The nutritive gel can be proposed in different colours. Contained in glass containers, it looks like a miniature indoor garden. The glass containers can be a tube, a small bottle, a flask in different sizes closed with a cork. The latter lets the oxygen coming but not the contaminations. In order to preserve a perfect sterility, the container has to be kept closed. The plant is auto-sufficient. The aim is to visualize the growth of the plant without taking care of it. A light option can be added to the product. The company offers a wide range of possibilities: - decorative plants from the drosera family, such as succulents and carnivorous plants, - plants in specific glass containers with wood, metal, porcelain supports made by local SME's, - custom-made. The whole design product reminds a laboratory spirit. Once the plant has grown, and if it is cramped in its glass container, the plant can have a second life and be transplanted in a real garden. The company proposes useful tutorials devoted to this subject. The container can be reused and can also be easily taken in charge by traditional recycling channels (like glass, dishes, ...). The company aims at developing a strong professional network of distributors such as garden and decorative retailers, concept stores, florists under a distribution services agreement across Europe and possibly with commercial agents under a commercial agency agreement. Its products are distributed in some local stores in Belgium, Italy and Portugal.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The French company is looking for distributors with a well established network in garden and decorative retailers, art of living retailers, concept stores, florists. The type of distribution agreement (exclusive or non-exclusive) will be determined after negotiation with the potential partners in order to take into account the interest of both parties. The French company is also open to work with a commercial agency, under a commercial agency agreement. The products are transported on pallets. The retail prices of the products range from 25 to 75 euros.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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