Fully automatic traffic-cone management system

An Austrian manufacturer and supplier for road safety products developed the first fully automatic systems for setting up and collecting traffic cones. It is mounted on a truck and easy to handle. It is characterised by a high level of safety for the workers and a high efficiency for contractors. After the successful market launch, the company is now looking for new international technical distribution partners. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are offered.
The internationally operating private owned company from Austria with focus on the main business units traffic safety, agricultural technology and LED lighting technology provides a full line of products, materials and services for road safety, traffic management and transportation infrastructure industry. Every year there are thousands of construction sites on roads that need to be secured. Cone laying is a common task in road maintenance and construction and it is hazardous to worker who work in the back of the truck to place and retrieve the cones. For construction site protection the Austrian company developed the first fully automatic traffic-cone management system. The system is mounted on small trucks that are used for erection of safety barriers for construction sites on motorways. The innovative system offers a higher level of safety for workers and maximum efficiency for contractors. It is operated from within the cab and removes the need for up to two workers in the back of the vehicle. By using the illuminated touchscreen control the driver can select the desired cone spacing that can be from 10 meters to open end. Once this is set the system can deploy as well as collect traffic cones fully automatically with the cone catcher and without the need for a worker to stand on the loading space or to leave the truck. It is a lightweight construction, has a long life expectancy and is almost maintenance-free. The cones are fixed mechanically in position on the machine. Depending on the design of the traffic cone the system has a capacity of up to 255 traffic cones. Approx. 6 traffic cones per minute can be deployed/collected which means it can finish an 8 kilometre construction site in less than 35 minutes (based on 36 m cone spacing). The system operates multidirectional: the machine can deploy/collect traffic cones from either right- or left-hand side, as well as in and against traffic flow direction. Technical details: • Dimensions: 3.40 x 2.10 x 3.10 m (LxWxH) • Working width: 777 mm • Weight: approx. 650 kg (traffic cones not included) • Power supply: 12V (24V optional) • Environmental conditions: -10°C to +50°C • Rechargeable battery and charging device included Vehicle requirements: • Loading space: without rear and side panels • Dimension loading space: min. 3.50 x2.10 m (LxW) • Carrying capacity: approx. 1700 kg • Height of loading space: max. 960 mm (from road surface, vehicle unloaded) • Automatic transmission is recommended Optional accessories: Dual rear view camera system, storage device, power supply 24 V, additional warning lamps, LED-working light, several light arrow options, traffic cones. The company sells their products and services all across Europe as well as in several international markets through a network of independent distributors. Because of the success of the new product in several European (AT, DE, CZ, SK, SI) and other countries (CN, JP, TH), the company is now looking for new international distributors for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Technical distribution partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Possible cooperation partners (e.g. supplier for road construction or maintenance, companies with road safety equipment/accessories, traffic safety services, etc.) should have a good market expertise and customer base. The Austrian company offers all technical support for the transfer of know-how and the technology with the provision of additional support services including training and advice for the installation and use of the cone management system.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Trade Marks
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AT, WIPO (IR accepted)
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