Furniture company seeks suppliers of raw materials and parts

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Company from Bosnia and Herzegovina producing upholstered furniture for residential purposes is looking for suppliers of raw materials and parts in form of manufacturing agreement.
The company is a family-owned business with two manufacturing facilities located in the Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their core competence is designing and production of high-quality sofas (L -shape, U-shape, two-seater and three seater sofas) and beds. The company exports its products to Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Macedonia, Italy and Moldova. Also, they have furniture store. They are interested in partners from the sphere of production or sales of raw materials and parts for producing upholstered furniture. The requested products are metal bed mechanisms, metal gas springs, metal amortises, wood, chipboard, wood and metal legs, foam, spun bond. They are interested in cooperation with companies from different sectors (wood, metal, textile). In the result of cooperation, the company will acquire necessary parts and raw materials, and partner will find a new market and new customers in Bosnia. They want to find quality suppliers in order to be as competitive as possible on the international market. The expected result from cooperation under manufacturing agreement is establishing a long-term cooperation with a reliable and stable partner for the supply of necessary parts and raw material.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Partner sought Type: Industry, SMEs Field of Activity: Manufacturer or supplier of raw materials and parts Partner Role: Partner should supply metal bed mechanisms, metal gas springs, metal amortises, wood, chipboard, wood and metal legs, foam, spun bond according to the customer requirements. The company is interested in long term cooperation.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The partner should have FSC certificate (for wood and chipboard) and ISO (9001, 14001) standards. Also, they should be able to deliver mentioned monthly quantities: -wood 200m3 ; -chipboard 200 m3; -foam 30.000 kg; -legs 27.000 pcs; -spun bond 50.000 m2; -gas springs 1.000 pcs; -mechanisms 3.000 pcs;
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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