Georgian company is looking for distributors in the animal and poultry feeding industry

The Georgia based company offers high tech animal and poultry feeding products. The company got its production know-how from Trouw Nutrition. The company is looking for a distributor for its products through the European market.
The company owns a high-tech factory in Georgia, which includes production site and laboratory services. It has 12 years of experience. Operating in Transcaucasian and African regions and delivering to markets more than 100 types of feed for broilers. In addition, the company invested heavily in developing a fish and pet food production facility, which will go into operation by 2022. The main value the company brings to its customers is increased productivity and profit in their farming activities. Besides providing the feeding inputs for farmers, the company actively shares the modern knowledge in farm management, nutrition and animal health. The company has an experienced team of veterinarians, food nutritionists and zootechnicians. The company is expanding and is looking for the partners via a distribution service agreement. The distributors should have appropriate distribution channels for the commercialization of its products in the target market.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
It is desirable that the potential partner has an experience in agro sector, distribution, logistics or farm management. Partner should engage in distribution, marketing and sales activities in a chosen market. On the other hand, the company actively help the partners abroad in various marketing and consulting activities. It gives full pre and after sales support to the partners and provide them with different farm management strategies. The company help the partners in better studying and developing their targeted market. Based on the experience, following are the types of potential partners that most suit its strategy. • Companies distributing animal and poultry feed or pet food • Companies manufacturing animal and poultry feed or pet food • Companies involved in other agricultural activities and want to expand their product portfolio • Veterinary agencies working with commercial farms Other types of potential partners should be also taken into consideration and their cases reviewed on an individual basis.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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