A German start-up is looking for licensees for its cloud-based eMarketplace infrastructure

A German start-up developed a cloud-based e-marketplace platform suite. The start-up is looking for licensees in European countries for the marketplace infrastructure interested to operate online marketplaces in a specific region or country. Different showcases for Farm-to-fork solutions or for local/regional delicatessen or even used building materials have been implemented. The e-marketplace suite offers modularised functions to ease the processes for operators, vendors and customers.
A German start-up developed a cloud-based e-marketplace infrastructure which enables online sales from local to global scale. The platform is very versatile and can be used to implement various use-cases. One implemented use-case is a farm-to-fork marketplace for country-wide food sales directly from producers or growers so that consumers can buy high-quality products directly from the producers. The producers get an easy access to an online distribution channel. This channel gives producers, who do not have their own webpages or online shops, the opportunity to present themselves and their products online. On the specified delivery date, the producers ship their products directly from their farms to customers. The start-up company provides the necessary food packaging solutions made of natural materials. The vision is to connect the different regional / national platform owners in a next development step to offer also transregional or even transnational products from direct producers to customers. Other use-cases are e.g. a regional e-marketplace for delicatessen and souveniers for tourists or an e-marketplace for used and recycled construction materials to enhance circularity on a regional level. Besides the marketplace infrastructure the start-up offers complementing advisory services to set-up the business model, farm-to-fork and circularity approaches. Targeted types of cooperation are license agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The licensee searched should operate the platform in a specific region or country. Optimal licensees are regional marketing agencies, initiatives and associations which are in regular exchange and e.g. in contact with growers and direct producers of food.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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