A Greek SME offers a forecasting system, providing sea characteristics and other support services, on high local resolution and looking for expanding it for commercial or joint venture or research agreements

A Greek SME dealing with IT solution for the environment offers a sea forecasting platform of high analysis, using satellite data. The platform is integrated, providing useful information for a multitude of end-users and it can cover any sea of the globe. The Greek company is looking for various partners, from various sectors for commercial or joint venture agreements or participation in research projects.
The core business of the Greek SME relies mainly on deep scientific knowledge and suitable data flows incorporated into new technologies in order to meet end-users needs. The company has developed a pilot forecasting platform providing sea characteristics and other support services, on high local resolution, for the Mediterranean and the Greek seas, in the framework of a bilateral national funded project. It serves forecasting data comprising results from in-house models, Copernicus Marine Service (CMS) datasets and empirical estimations resulting from the forecasted parameters. The system is fully customizable and can provide the base of a wide range, tailored-made services such as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), visualizations, data flows, charts, consultancy etc., necessary to a wide range of near-shore and offshore applications. The forecasting platform has been operationally active online since the end of 2020. The system combines four core building blocks. First, interconnected forecast models for wind and sea waves, developed in house. Second, automated acquisition of various marine forecast parameters and storage from Copernicus Marine Service (CMS). Third, a calculation and visualization engine for all associated datasets. Fourth, an interactive web interface and a mobile application. All four building blocks have been structured into an automated chain of processes which is functioning on a daily operationally basis, without external interaction. The system provides every day a three-day length marine forecast of various parameters for the Mediterranean sea and the Greek seas, in increasing height of spatial resolution, from 18x18 km, up to 2x2 km. The visualizations and color scales, for every parameter, have been carefully developed to provide users all the necessary information at an eye’s glance. Both the web interface and the mobile app provide users the capability to register in order to be further informed by statistically developed empirical parameters focusing, currently, to swimming and sailing activities. The empirical parameters are estimated on the base of forecasted parameters and provide focused and user-friendly information. For example, instead of sea surface temperature, an empirical scale is provided of swimming performance or water feeling, resulting from the forecasted water temperature. If requested, this functionality can be further developed to cover specific needs of other target group activities such as fishing, aquaculturing, surfing, diving, infrastructure design, etc. Moreover, the system is fully customizable and can provide the base of a wide range of sub-services (such as tailor-made APIs, visualizations, data flows, charts, consultancy etc) necessary to a wide range of near-shore and offshore applications. The Greek company is seeking for end-users for the platform from several different areas. The platform will be customized according to the needs of the end-user. The cooperation sought will be commercial agreement. Also sought strategic partnerships in order to investigate together pathways of commercial exploitation of the platform in European and worldwide markets under joint venture agreement. Participation in research & development projects is another potential collaboration.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Greek company is looking for three types of partners. First, end-users from both public and private sectors interested to have sea forecasts offered by the platform. Companies or organizations such as oceanographers, sea wind parks, oil & gas industries, tourism companies, public authorities related to search & rescue activities at sea, aquaculture companies, environmental management authorities, shipping, fishing, coastal construction companies are some of the potential end-users for commercial agreements with technical assistance. The platform will be customized, according to the specific needs of the user. Second, strategic partners as business enablers to act together in order to investigate pathways of commercial exploitation of the platform, such as IT or environmental companies that could join the Greek company for exploit together the potential market. The collaboration in this case will be joint venture agreement. Third, partners for research & development projects in which the platform could contribute with useful results.
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Available for demonstration
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Minimum viable product is available, functioning in an operational environment.
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