Greek start-up offers a new, multi brand e-store, for 3D digital fashion

A Greek start-up company active in the field of digital fashion develops a multi-brand, 3D, digital platform. The platform connects digital fashion creators directly with their audience. Partners of any size such as NFT (non-fungible tokens) and gaming marketplaces, 3D fashion designers, influencers platforms and fashion media are sought for concluding commercial agreements as well as potential investors for signing financial agreement.
The Greek start-up company is offering a multi-brand e-store particularly designed for 3D digital fashion industry. The platform connects fashion creators with their target audience. Digital fashion is not a new concept, but it took the market by storm the last 3 years because of the demand from the market to slow down the industry inventory and focus on sustainability, inclusivity and ethical business concerning labour and manufacturing. The Greek company aims to build a business on the foundation of those demands. On the one hand, to design, produce and sell physical clothes and accessories is a time consuming, very expensive process, has a lot of limitations and a huge environmental impact. Today people demand inclusivity, diversity, and personalization, something that brands and designers can’t deliver because of the above problems. Brands and designers need to spend a lot of time and money to pitch their samples in trade fairs, showrooms and wholesalers. And when, after a lot of effort and money, they succeed they should invest to advertise, and build promo concepts (influencers, online/offline marketing) to push people to buy their products. At the end of every season, about 65% of the clothes on the shelves remain unsold and are thrown away (overproduction). Furthermore, people today build their profile using digital content, therefore their needs have been changed. They have to upload new content daily to keep the pace and be competitive. On the other hand, today the demand for digital clothes is growing 1250% monthly and it is a business that will reach $10bn, in 2030. In short, everyone who creates digital content will have a digital wardrobe and an additional lifestyle. Given the above, the Greek company aspires to build a digital multiverse (web and mobile), aiming all business activities on fashion. With digital products (clothes and accessories) as a cause to start a conversation between designers, brands, influencers, opinion leaders, buyers and consumers. This conversation will be in the same space, fully transparent, which means that all entities will participate in the creation and delivery of the product. The technology is planned to be developed in 3 phases. In phase 1, it will connect designers with their audience to help them sell their creations. The platform will be connected with non-fungible token (NFT), crypto-marketplaces and gaming-marketplaces to expand the audience of designers. The objective is to build a 3D fashion designer pool market, in order to train the designers. In phase 2, a consultation showroom will be built connecting brands with opinion leaders (influencers), who help brands decide what is the best for their audience (the audience of influencers). Under this phase, the company together with selected products and influencers will build a real sales simulation campaign to engage consumers and connect them with the brands building a real community and valuable data. After collecting all that data, in phase 3 the Greek company will provide a membership with a dashboard analytics platform to the fashion market to help executives & buyers on their strategic decisions, marketing plans, designs, and production. The offered technology is currently under development. The company is looking for partners within digital fashion industry such as NFT and gaming marketplaces, 3D fashion designers, influencers platforms and media to collaborate with under the context of commercial agreement with technical assistance. In addition, the company would like to consolidate its activity and presence in the market in order to establish itself as the company of reference in the digital fashion industry. Therefore, the company is looking for investors under a financial agreement that can support them with business development.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Greek company is interested to conclude commercial agreements with several types of partners within digital fashion industry. These include NFT marketplaces to collaborate for selling digital clothes; gaming marketplaces to collaborate for selling digital clothes; 3D fashion designers (freelancers or studios) to acquire them as vendors in their platform; influencers platforms; fashion media and networks; hardware/ software/ licences providers. The company is also looking for a financial agreement. To secure the further development of the project they are currently searching for one or more external investors within EU (ideally business angels at this stage of development). The requested fund is € 450 K.
Stage of Development: 
Under development/lab tested
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Accomplished milestones so far: -3 designers have been acquired. -2 digital collections are in progress. -1 conceptual limited edition NFT collection is in progress. -Market identification surveys in Italy and in Greece are in progress. -The proposed digital fashion e-store/platform will be on air on November 2021.
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Secret Know-how
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