High-performance lubricant for winter sports - biodegradable, non-toxic and easy to use. A substitute for the critical fluorine ski waxes

Swiss company developed a sustainable "ski wax” based on indigo - a stable blue plant dye - hygienically and ecologically sound. The hard, oxidation-resistant sliding surface ensures minimal friction on ice, snow and water, low abrasion, minimal dirt absorption and long use. Commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or license agreement offered as intended for sale by specialist dealers to replace the fluorinated waxes banned by the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) next winter.
Background: The basic substance of the sustainable ski wax is indigo, the oldest known stable blue plant dye. One isomer of the commercially available indigo mixtures, E-Indigo, is ecologically and hygienically harmless and fits in the concept of the circular economy. This patented innovation as a lubricant on ice, snow and water can be experimentally proven to form a supra-molecular, self-organized, electrically conductive, hard, abrasion-resistant, hydrophobic sliding surface with self-healing properties. Substitute for banned fluorinated waxes: E-Indigo is a substitute for the high-priced fluorinated high-performance waxes, which will be banned by the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) as environmentally harmful from the 2020/21 winter season. Experiences: Practical experience as a ski wax replacement over 3 winters with many test persons and numerous field tests have shown the potential of E-Indigo as a high-performance lubricant. Important parameters seem to be the degree of purity of E-Indigo and its application-related microstructure. Properties: Due to the specific chemical bonds, indigo molecules can form clusters of different sizes with platelet structures at the nanometer level. In combination with suitable microstructures, superhydrophobic surfaces can be expected. E-Indigo clusters are also easily miscible with ski waxes and polyethylene ski bases and form relatively strong bonds. These indigo clusters thus give the ski base or wax a greater hardness, increase the gliding properties, and reduce abrasion. Applications in other areas with sliding surfaces can be expected due to the special molecular indigo properties. To minimize dynamic friction, an optimum E-Indigo coating on the sliding surface is necessary, which requires in-depth knowledge of the surface structure and an appropriately adapted application. Cooperation: The aim of a possible collaboration is to develop an evidence-based, competitive high-quality product in various fields of application with minimal impact on health and environment. The potential of the diverse and rather exclusive properties of E-Indigo for bionic-analogue, low-friction, hydrophobic, abrasion-resistant sliding surfaces is given according to the molecular characteristics. The granting of licenses will be negotiated based on achieved results. The organization of the cooperation can be taken over by the Swiss company. The necessary know-how is based on many years of experience in self-implemented and participation in development projects.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The specific area of activity of the partner: - Producer or distributor of ski wax - Producer of ski-sole coating - Trader under license or own brand The tasks to be performed by the partner sought: Commercial agreement with technical assistance: Distribution or/and Improvements of the properties of the product, its application. License agreement: Exchange of knowledge and data of the innovation of E-Indigo as a lubricant, as Trader under license or as own brand under license.
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Already on the market
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Granted patent or patent application essential
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Switzerland: B1, PCT/EP: WO (A1), entry into national phase
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