High-quality Danish abrasive paper manufacturer seeks distributors

A Danish manufacturer of abrasive materials with customised products in a variety of sizes and colours is seeking local distributors on selected markets worldwide to market and sell their high-quality abrasive products for craftsmen, painters, flooring specialists and the nail file industry. The local partner must already be in the abrasive material business or understand the supply industry for this line of business.
The company is the only manufacturer of abrasive materials in Denmark and has over 130 years of experience in the business. The products are the most durable on the world market, while the abrasive paper at the same time is flexible without cracking. Thus, the abrasive paper lasts longer, can be used for more complex tasks, and the amount of abrasive paper per task is measurably less than cheaper options. The company supplies customised abrasive paper and special-made products B2B worldwide and is known to have some of the world's best qualities for craftsmen, painters, furniture and flooring specialists and even the cosmetics sector. The abrasive paper is made of high-grade raw materials. It is primarily manufactured for private label customers in smaller batches, but can also be supplied in large batches. Customisation of the products can easily be made, and the company offers abrasive material in all colours from the RAL and Pantone colour charts. Their product range includes high-quality abrasive paper, including abrasive sheets, triangles, rolls, discs, and double-sided discs for both hand sanding and machine sanding. In addition, they produce abrasive discs, sheets, and triangles with velcro and felt. For export, the client delivers abrasive jumbo rolls for further processing locally as well as waterproof latex sandpaper for the automotive industry. The Danish client is specialised in private label manufacturing and has high-scale production flexibility. The products are subject to strict onsite quality testing for colour, reverse side printing, grain distribution, and size samples. They pride themselves on having a very flexible production system which allows the company to provide private label even in smaller quantities. In order to continue their expansion, the company is looking for distributors working closely with the construction, painting, furniture, flooring and even cosmetics sectors.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Potential partners could be both smaller or larger companies worldwide within the crafts, flooring, paint and decoration, converter or nail file industries. A local distributor could have product ranges for related product groups, such as brushes, paints, chemical products, or the like. The target group for buying the sandpaper on the local market will typically be painters, hardware stores, smaller DIY stores, etc. Hence, the local distributor should be able to access this segment. The company is currently primarily seeking partners in Europe and the Middle East. The international partner must speak English, be able to promote and present the products locally. It will be an advantage if the local partner has experience in B2B sales with related products. The company has teaching materials for partners who want to be advised, taught, or otherwise in their product range, quality and assortment. The Danish company will ensure that the local partner gets all the necessary know-how and understanding of the product range of the high-quality abrasive paper.
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Already on the market
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