Hungarian company offers circle knitted fabric, workwear and corporate wear in a frame of distribution agreement

A Hungarian experienced textile producer company is offering its products for sale based on orders. These products are all circle knitted and may be ordered either as fabrics or as final products such as polo shirts or protective garments. The Hungarian SME is searching for a distributor from Belgium, Germany, Serbia, UK, USA, Sweden, Finland, Israel or Japan who would sell its products to customers in a frame of distribution services agreement.
A Hungarian textile producer is looking for a distributor from Belgium, Germany, Serbia, UK, USA, Sweden, Finland, Israel or Japan for selling its product abroad. The products are circle knitted and offered as fabrics or final products as well. Both the fabric and the finished product that the company can offer may be as simple as a single jersey, interlock, rib or pique fabric/polo shirt, but the company has also excellent experience in making protective circle knitted polo shirts or undergarments which may be antibacterial, antistatic and ESD, flame retardant, electrosmog shielding or cut resistant. Furthermore, technical and sport nets are also a provided product of them. Its latest development is the cutproof undergarment for speed skaters, therefore, the company can develop any similar product for other applications too. The company is also developing three layered, laminated, washable half-masks, which also have an antibacterial treatment. The company can produce any type of circle knitted product, based on the information provided by the buyer such as: - fabric composition - knit style - special property - fabric weight - colour - quantity - possible decoration. The company offers various decoration possibilities such as logo embroidery or different printing, or the combination of the two. The company's product line include: - long or short sleeved polo shirts with or without collar (simple, antibacterial, antistatic, ESD - Electrostatic Discharge protective, flame retardant) - warm undergarment - antibacterial undergarment - antistatic undergarment - flame retardant undergarment - cutproof undergarment - sport and technical or isolation nets - Jacquard woven emblems - promotional circle knitted products - washable half-masks - all types of circle knitted fabrics - other possibilities based on requirement The company is searching for a distributor mainly in Europe, who can help to sell the mentioned products based on bigger requirements. (The focusing area as listed above.) The company always has a minimum ordering quantity, and cannot produce just a few pieces (only for sampling).
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The company requires a distributor partner who not only sells finished products, but also able to find buyers with unique requirements, because the company does not produce for stock, but produces for orders. Anyone is a suitable buyer who is interested in fabric or finished circle knitted products, promotional polo products, net fabrics or washing bags, or special protective clothing in a bigger quantity. The focusing countries are Belgium, Germany, Serbia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Sweden, Finland, Israel or Japan. The company is open for signing a distribution services agreement.
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