Hungarian company, producing innovative car accessories, is looking for Russian distributor

Hungarian family-owned car accessories manufacturer with over 30 years of experience is looking for distributor for the Russian market. The company's main products are car-specified armrests, they also produce innovative car baskets and hangers.
Since 1986 the Hungarian family-owned car accessories manufacturer company has always been recognized for its quality, reliability and continuous improvement in the European car accessory market. They are dedicated to moving away from mass production by being proactive, creative and determined. Their products are available on the aftermarket, they are constantly looking for new wholesalers and distributors globally, now they are aiming to enter the Russian market via local distributor. The enterprise produces car accessories which are developed in-house. Besides ready-to-use and custom-made solutions, they also offer innovative lines for specific demands of Original Equipment Manufacturer. Their processes were built around general European automotive and safety regulations. The products are tested in their own high-tech lab and in other third party, independent labs. The company also places great emphasis on ecological responsibility. Their greatest investment opened at the end of 2012: a green energy plant. The innovative and eco friendly facility supports the company's commitment to the environment. The company provides market-leading, Original Equipment Manufacturer quality products like armrests, car coat hangers, shopping baskets and other innovative car accessories. Their flexible business model is compatible with any size of company. Their newest generation armrests can be fitted to the car seats so they provide perfect comfort. The company positions their armrests taking into account the different position of seats, steering wheels and gearboxes in different car types. They develop and supply armrests for companies like Dacia, Renault, Ford, Opel and more. The car coat hanger can be used for carrying and storing jackets, trousers, coats, skirts and suit carriers inside and outside the car. The company's latest product is a green basket - made from reused plastic - for shopping and other outdoor activities. The basket has ergonomic one-hand use and trendy look, also it is easy to clean. The customer can take it to the shop, and carry out the entire shopping experience hygienically using their own basket. The basket stays in place in the car's trunk thanks to its dedicated fixing adapter, that prevents its content from falling out.
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The Hungarian company is looking for reliable distributors to promote their products in Russia. They are looking for active dealers and retailers interested in selling innovative, high-quality armrests and car accessories. Activity on the market and commitment are the most important factors.
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Already on the market
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