A Hungarian design company, that has developed a unique, plant based material for the interior, furniture and fashion design industry, is looking for commercial agents and distributors

A Hungarian design SME has developed a unique, plant based material of appealing visual aesthetics for interior, furniture and fashion design installations.The company manufactures panels from 12+ different plants and use this creative material to create lamps, furniture and other design products. The key product line is a collection of lights and furniture: table and floor lamps, pendants, illuminated furniture and wall panels. The company is looking for sales agents and distributors.
The Hungarian design company has been established a few years back, following a 3-4 years research and development period. Started as a project of a landscape architecture studio of engineers and designers active on the market for over 20 years, it has gradually developed into forming this brand. Already present on five different markets in addition to Hungary, they have recently exhibited on trade show events in London, Paris and Moscow, where in the later case the brand won the audience's and the professional jury's award. The company has developed a special material made from a fine selection of 12+ different plant residual and manufactured with a proprietary engineering technique that preserves the plant component inside the material, displaying a vast variety of natural colours and textures and creates abstractions, artistic details. The company took this plant based composite material and created its light and furniture collection, a standalone product range given the highly innovative material. The company is currently marketing and selling the lighting and furniture collection to individual customers, to interior designers and architects as well as to the B2B sector for residential, office or common space, to the hotel and restaurant sector and property developers. The key product line of lighting and furniture collection can be used in residential surrounding, in professional office or corporate settings (i.e lounge), but also in architectural planning that can make use of either the end products i.e. lamps and furniture or application of this special material developed by the company in various architectural installations, such as wall tiles, counter top, etc. Following the positive feedback from recent international trade show events and launching the product on different markets in the last two years, the company decided to continue with the ambitious expansion plan and is currently looking for business partners in the form of commercial agreements to support in the business development and sales of the light and furniture collection products on a number of markets. The target market is the design oriented customer, either in the form of individual customer or in a B2B setup. In the B2B sector the company is typically looking for showrooms, interior designers, property developers, architecture studios or designers working with hotels, restaurants or any form of architectural planning where the use of a new and innovative material is highly thought after and in constant need by the industry. The company is looking for commercial agreements with sales commission agents,and it is also looking for distributors and showrooms. Sales commission agents - would be the business partners to creatively market the products to distributors, showrooms, retailers or B2B end customers, key players in the property development - office or residential and the hotel or restaurant sector. Distributors and /or showrooms would be representing the brand on the given market and would actively market the company's products to wholesalers, retailers or potential B2B and B2C end customer, depending on the distributor profile.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partner sought: Sales commission agent or distributor active in the premium goods and/or furniture, lighting sector. Also interested to make contact with interior designers and architectural studios or agents, key players in this sector. Specific area of activity of the partner: Activity thought to support the company in launching the lighting and furniture collection on the given market. The company is looking for business partnership in the form of sales commission agents or distributors preferably with an established showroom specialised in the furniture and lighting sector or curated design items. The company would also welcome the opportunity to make contact with interior designers and architects who would apply the material developed by the company in their interior design projects or architectural installations. Task to be performed: - Distributor: Actively promote the company's lighting collection and furniture products and make it visible via showroom display, participate in local or regional trade show events and design related venues to exhibit the range of products. Actively working towards selling the product via the distributor's existing network, to retailers and acquiring other B2B customers (e.g. interior designers, property developer, etc). - Sales commission agent: business development and sales activities towards acquiring design showrooms to exhibit the products, wholesalers, retailers and B2B end customers from the HORECA, property developer and interior design studios.
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