Hungarian glass product manufacturing company with huge professional history is looking for new foreign partners in the frame of distribution services, manufacturing or commercial agency agreement

Hungarian borosilicate ornamental glass manufacturer specialized in handcrafted, custom-made glass products such as glasses, laboratory glassware and serving bottles is seeking to cooperate with foreign partners in the frame of distribution services or commercial agency agreements. Their aim is to establish partnership with distributors who will sell and market their products for end-users. They are also very interested in manufacturing for customers in the frame of manufacturing agreement.
The company was founded in 1993 and has been dealing with producing borosilicate glass-based products for 25 years. Their first class raw materials are the DURAN glass tubes and rods manufactured by German and Czech factories. The Hungarian company's experts manufacture the products exclusively by using traditional, hand-produced technology that – besides enhancing traditions – enables producing unique glass products and offer everyone the most appropriate products. Their ornamental bottles can be perfect unique gifts, serving bottles can cope in the most prestigious restaurants, and their laboratory glassware is well adapted to the most extreme conditions and can be used by research institutions, laboratories, universities, schools. Due to the presence of borosilicate the company's laboratory glassware has a massive heat resistance, excellent tolerance to extreme temperature changes, its chemical and mechanical resistance is exceptional. Ornamental bottles could be the perfect storing and serving bottle of wines or multi-year characteristic whiskies. The company has customers from the Tokaj wine region for whom their borosilicate glass is the perfect storage solution for the finest wines. By using the traditional technology and the most modern solutions as well, their experts create high-quality and luxurious ornamental bottles. Customers of the company can choose from countless ornamental bottles. Beyond the needs of winery customers the team of the glass manufacturing company completes the individual and special orders with the same care and precision. Hand-crafting design enables the glass-making team to insert a required brand or logo into the glass. Naturally, this means that custom design is also available. The company offers competitive prices. The Hungarian enterprise is seeking to establish partnerships in the frame of distribution services, commercial agency or manufacturing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Partners sought are distributors or wholesalers who will introduce and resell the products of the Hungarian company on their market. The SME wishes to establish long-term partnerships where they handle the initial promotion of the products in the initial introduction phase. Partners should stay in touch with the end-user and offer customer service about the company's products for them. The company also invites partners that would order custom made glass products in the frame of manufacturing agreement.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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