Hungarian manufacturer of swimsuits seeks distributors and agents in European region

A small-sized Hungarian company manufacturing swimsuits for women, men and children is looking for international distributors and agents to expand its sales and to establish long- term cooperation outside Hungary. The firm has cutting and sewing capacity to fulfil specific requirements.
Hungarian company, founded in 1991 manufactures high quality swimsuits under its own label. The products are made of Italian and Spanish fabrics, with good composition and features, also ideal for thermal water. The company is working with professional and skillful sewing companies which have several years of experience in the field. In their collections partners can find wide range of colours and different shades from dark to light. Modell categories: - Classic – original good selling modells - New – unique modell called fashion collection The following product types can be found in the collection: - Swimsuits - Bikinis - Men swimwear - Children swimwear The goal of the company is to increase sales volume and to form long- term partnerships with foreign businesses, therefore it is looking for trade intermediaries. Potential partners are in the clothing market with established networks and extensive experience in distribution. For example: - Clothing retailers, clothing wholesalers, chain stores, fashion stores, retail stores, medical or health care stores, web shops, plus size stores - Agents and/or representatives who would help the company to enter new markets - Manufacturers who would like to enter new markets: the two parties would help each other to sell their products through their respective domestic networks. - Bloggers, influencers
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company's goal is to establish long- term cooperation in the form of Commercial Agency Agreement or Distribution Services Agreement. The company is looking for partners who have expertise, and knowledge in the field of marketing of swimwear or other clothes and clothing industry in their own homeland and market. The partner should have good communication skills, be flexible, cooperative and preferably on the market for several years.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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