Hungarian software developer and system integrator, focused on contact center and unified communications solutions, seeks agents

A Hungarian independent software vendor with strong system integration background, specialized in innovative and scalable "contact center as a service" solutions and cloud/managed services around unified communication, is looking for business partners in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark and France, based on a commercial agency agreement. They primarily target partners with Microsoft and/or Avaya competencies.
The Hungarian company is a software developer and system integrator, focused on contact center and unified communications solutions. They have offices in Hungary, UK, Romania and North America. As a service provider of contact center solution, their solution and sales experts provide clients with holistic and modular contact center services and products. Their services include assistance in deployment, configuration, training, support and maintenance. The core product is a customer interaction orchestration platform, an advanced customer engagement solution that is available from the cloud or in a hybrid mode. It integrates and connects available channels, devices, whether it is SMS, WhatsApp, web chat, social media messaging with or without AI infused bots, customer satisfaction survey and call-back management. The concept is based on the finding that customer experience is the new battleground and to be successful as an enterprise in this area, it is important embedding communications into processes and apps. It is also clear that organizations want free-flowing interactions, applications to support all channels. The platform handles this by providing "channel connect" to handle the customer experience side of the process by providing gateways to the social and digital channels and by also having ready to use webchat widget. The "AI connect" is orchestrating the conversation flow with the help of AI but also by integrating to other line of business and customer relationship management systems for any data that is needed. With this, they are complementing the missing functionality of the existing solutions with the specific tools like channel-hop, callback, chatbot or agent escalation with attribute-based contact distribution. "Desktop connect" is to provide the best agent experience for those conversations that are to be escalated to a human. This can be either a full agent user interface (UI) or complementing existing contact center/unified communication user interfaces with the digital channels and computer telephony integration or communication enabling the CRM applications. Embedded user interface, widget or application programming interface (API) based approach is also feasible. "Data connect" is to collect all relevant data that may be needed either for analytics or to make decisions by the artificial intelligence connect component. It is collecting data based on the messages between the microservices but also has connectors to external data sources (e.g. Avaya call management system real time socket). The data output can be the internal reporting/BI (business intelligence) database or external store. The analytics are through power business intelligence, but the data can be visualized on wallboard on large screens or on the agent/supervisor desktop. This platform simplifies the customer handling processes, includes continuous monitoring on interactions, process automations and response management. The strength and innovative approach of the product lies in the collaborative and flexible nature of the platform. Main customers are from financial, insurance, telco, business process outsourcer, education, transport and government sectors. The company establishes long-term relationships with its partners and it is looking for local partners to successfully reach the target countries. Therefore, the company is seeking partners which have experience and knowledge about embedded software and systems engineering as well as sales capabilities in the area of unified communication and call centers mainly in Europe. The company is looking for partnerships with IT-partners. The co-operation should be based on a commercial agency agreement. Other types of business agreements are possible after individual arrangement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for European partners for commercialisation and partnership. Tasks of the requested partners: comprise market planning, sales pursuits, delivery of services & products, marketing activities. Partners could be ICT service providers, distributors of software, software resellers, ICT consultants, system integrators that provide full-service ICT services. The co-operation should be based on commercial agency agreement. Other types of business agreements are possible after individual arrangement.
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