Hungarian toy producer looking for distributors and sales agents in EU to offer and distribute educational toys

Hungarian toy producer SME, specialised in creating foam rubber large-sized cottages and castles, is seeking partners for distributors and sales agents in EU.
The Hungarian company was established in 2018. It specialises in creating large-sized cottages and castles made from foam rubber. The SME’s toy set has been designed to improve the children’s abilities through experiencing the physical play-world instead of the virtual reality. The cottages and castles are made of soft sponge, colourful cotton sheet and waterproof sheet. This means the toys are safe to play with. They are a combination of different shapes of panels attached with hook and loop fasteners which grant the stability of the ‘building’. The product has a national utility model protection and trademark protection. The large colourful toy provides the children with the possibility to improve their cognitive skills (logic, attention, memory, realisation of cause and effect), graphomotor skills, sense of balance, coordination of eyes, hands and legs, visual perception and social behaviour. It also enhances the development of team working skills. While the houses, castles and tunnels can contribute to playing tales and fictive stories, they provide a safe and comfortable environment. The feeling of being inside of one of this “building” is rewarding after it is assembled. It keeps the children safe, so that they become clever, creative valuable adults. The toy set contains: 1. Cottage (11 components): Width: 110 cm, Length: 105 cm, Height: 115cm The cottages are made of soft, colourful cotton sheet.Children can build them by hooking and looping the 11 different shapes of panels. High quality materials for lasting durability and safety. 2. Castle (16 components): Width: 100cm, Length: 105cm, Weight: 100cm, The Castle contains: Tunnel, Tetris Cottage, Tetris Castle The Castle is a bigger and more challangable toy set. This set encourages imaginative play, storytelling and calmness. Great for more than 2 children. 3. Creative Wall: Width: 75cm, Height: 125cm A new product from their product line is the Creative Wall which contains ordinary items form everyday life like shoelace, Velcro, button, zip, etc. Fields of application: nursery schools, hotel chains, nursery schools for children with special needs, playhouses, airports (playing area), banks and insurance companies (with the logo and colour of the client institution on the toy-sets). The products are created by reduced capacity employees. The potential business partners can also be wholesalers of toys and educational materials, educational publishers, wholesalers of rehabilitation products and medical supplies, as well as department stores, toy stores. In order to develop international cooperation, the company would like to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with EU partners by looking for commercial agencies or partners wishing to initiate a distribution agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The target partners of the SME are foreign suppliers for nursery schools and hotels, toy manufacturers, toy warehouses, innovative smaller companies within the EU which are interested in reselling the new product lines of the Hungarian company and being involved in the building of the brand under commercial agency agreement and distribution. It would be ideal if they could find partners, who are toy resellers and see potential in their toy-set product. The SME wants to find one partner for every country, so they would have exclusive rights to sell it in their country or region. It is preferred that they have connections to hotels, banks, insurance offices, kindergartens and for individual customers. Client seeks for: great managing skills, marketing and advertising, selling, building the brand, and getting reputation for the brand name in the specific country. Partners should have connections to wholesale business or major retail business, and also be capable of promoting their product through relevant market channels. It is desirable that the partners are well-acquainted with this field and knowledgeable about the most efficient way to access the market. In the case of a distribution services agreement, trade terms and conditions such as minimum order quantity and minimum guarantee on sales shall be separately agreed upon by both parties.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Trade Marks
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
The product has a national utility model and trademark protection. The SME has filed an application for European patent rights, as well as own differentiated brand name (not yet granted).
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