Hungarian water management company seeks distributors for intelligent device for data collection, and monitoring of water systems

The Hungarian company is a developer of a device which collects and transfers digital data. The system of the company's device provides pressure and network management solutions, water quality monitoring, operation monitoring of sewage water pump shafts and predictive maintenance. Besides, it measures the reduction of non-revenue water loss. They seek for commercial agents or distributors who are experienced in the above mentioned areas.
The owners and employees of the Hungarian company have decades of experience in water industry. The owners, who maintain excellent relationship with the key players of the local market, want to extend their network beyond the borders as well. Their water monitoring device has been developed by water professionals with the aim to provide a reliable and cost effective tool for the industry. The Hungarian company’s device equipped with innovative and intelligent solution offers data collection, interpretation, design and implementation for its users. Whether in tight urban applications or over distances in rural and suburban communities: the sensors of the device collect data from remote places, transfer them wirelessly to any dedicated server, where users can perform artificial intelligence aided analysis and bring water management decisions regardless of space and time. The result is superior circulatory water planning across the entire spectrum of activates in the water cycle. The device provides real-time monitoring, early error detection, water loss prevention, and implementation of predictive maintenance versus preventive maintenance. All the while fitting seamlessly into either existing or freshly developed water management processes. The Hungarian SME is looking for commercial agents or distributors who are active in the fields of water and wastewater industries, surface waters and fish farms, agricultural industries, cooling towers, laboratories and research centres in the Far East, Dubai, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and in Europe such as Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Italy.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partnership: commercial agency agreement The commercial agent is expected to have an established network within one or more market segments (water and wastewater industry, agricultural and food industry). Basic knowledge of water monitoring tools and process is a plus. The commercial agent is entitled to receive attractive commission based after realized sales. - Type of partnership: distribution services agreement The distributor is expected to have an established network within one or more market segments (water and wastewater industry, agricultural and food industry). Preferably already supplies the clients with equipment related to their operation. Basic knowledge of water monitoring devices and process is also expected. Besides the promotion and sales, distribution partner is expected to ensure installation, supervision and maintenance of the devices sold on his territory. These are additional services subject to contract with the clients. Distribution partner purchases the device directly from the manufacturer at a highly attractive price and applies his margin.
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